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Only a few years ago, road bikers were a rare sight in the Gorge. Maybe they were scared away by the wind. Maybe it was the grinding hill climbs on many Gorge rides. Maybe we all just had too many other sports taking up our time 5 years ago.

Things have changed. Road bikers are everywhere now, and with good reason. Road rides in the Gorge are scenic, challenging, and varied. If you haven’t had a chance to hit the road on a bike, you’re missing out. Take a look at some of the listed rides, and give road riding a chance!

Hurt Yourself
Dufur Century: 93.3 miles, ~6000′
Lost Lake / Red Hill: 52 miles, 4850′
Lost Lake Loop: 27.4/53.4 miles, 2755/3410′
Cooper Spur Long Loop: 56 miles, 3850′
Three Summits: 72 miles, 7000′
Kingsley Hillclimb: 27 miles, 2900′
Cherry Heights via Mosier: 41 miles, 3500′
The Dalles / Parkdale Double Loop: 79 miles, 5500′
Vista Ridge: 65 miles, 6000′
Larch Mountain: 55 miles, 5000 (Temira’s favorite in 2017!)

Go for a ride
Trout Lake Loop: 52 miles, 3250′
Big Dalles Loop: 50 miles, 2060′
BZ – Glenwood Loop: 47 miles, 2150′
Canyon Road Loop: 28.5 miles, 2800′
Mosier-The Dalles Loop: 28.3 miles, 2800′

Short or Easy
Eastside Loop: 21 miles, 1300′
Rowena Crest: 27 miles, 1820′
Cooper Spur Loop: 21.4 miles, 1740′
HR – Mosier: 14 miles, 1050′
The Mommy Loop: 11 miles, 900′
Petersburg School Loop, The Dalles: 27.5 miles, 955′

Mixed Surface Rides

Fisher Hill: 20+ miles, 2400’+ of climbing
Mosier Hills: 21 miles, 2960′ of climbing
Fir Mountain: 27/37 miles, 3300/4580′ of climbing
New Favorite aka Kingsley Ditch: 24 miles or less, 2100 feet of climbing or less
Sleeping Beauty (Trout Lake): 33.5 or 56.8 miles, 2868 or 4659 feet of climbing
El Dorado: 19.8 miles, 2269′ of climbing

Organized Rides in the Gorge


Cherry of a Ride
This recreational ride is fully supported and offers scenic route options for every level of rider. Route lengths are 30 miles, 48 miles, 60 miles, 80 miles and, for the hard-core rider, we are again offering our 100 mile ride.

All rides begin at St. Mary’s Academy, then head east of The Dalles, meandering through the blossoming cherry orchards and green wheat fields of Rural Wasco County. The longer rides (60, 80 and 100) will offer riders a view of the gorge that you can not see from the freeway.


The Gorge Ride
The ride extends 19.25 miles along the historic highway and state trail west to the Senator Mark O. Hatfield West Trailhead, just east of Hood River, and then returns. The course opens at 7am, and closes at 4pm.

Mt. Adams Country Bike Tour
Four ride options include an 11½-mile Family Friendly ride, a 51-mile Trout Lake – BZ Corner – Glenwood Loop, a 54-mile Forest Route and a 105-mile Infinity Ride. All rides feature well-marked routes, well-stocked rest stops, lunch and dinner options, plus sag wagons, repair support and emergency coverage.
It’s a carefree ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

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Local and visiting roadies are welcome to join the Saturday morning group training rides. In season, meet at Ground (12 Oak St.) at 8:00 and 8:30 for the “A” and “B” rides, respectively.

Also, check out the GorgeVelo group on facebook for discussion of training and other group road rides, maps, etc.

Road riding in The Gorge is the best, since just about anywhere else you go will seem boringly flat and windless.

> Maybe it was the grinding hill climbs on many Gorge rides.

Maybe that’s why the ‘real’ roadies are riding here now! 😉

Temira, since I moved to California I started using to create routes so I don’t get so lost. It’s a Google maps mashup that’s pretty easy to get started with. Maybe it would make biking directions easier.

One ride I like to do is Sevenmile Hill Road, or even just adding State Road in Mosier to Marsh Cutoff for a better hill climb out to Rowena. If the wind is easterly I’ll take State Road all the way into Chenowith Canyon in The Dalles, left on Chenowith Loop Road (coming out by Home Depot), and ride the old highway back. For a steeper climb and/or westerlies I do this ride in reverse. Takes about three hours.

Great new site, by the way! I’ll click on links now and donate cash after I find a new job… 🙂

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