Mountain biking in the Gorge is some of the best in the United States. Trails wind through old-growth forest, along volcanic plains, and along wildflower-covered slopes. There are cross-country rides, freeride areas, shuttles, climbs, and just about anything else you could imagine riding your bike over. Click through to the pages for more information about the rides, and email current conditions to twomirrors at gmail dot com.


Current Trail Conditions and links to detailed information

as of 3/14/19



Hospital Hill: Muddy, snowy, freeze-thaw. Ride it and you’ll damage it.
Post Canyon: Snowy.
Whoopdee: Snowy. Muddy. Freeze-thaw. Don’t ride it or you’ll do severe damage.
Syncline: Snowy, Muddy, freeze-thaw. Ride it and you’ll damage it. Don’t ride if it was below freezing the previous night.
Kitchen Sink: snowy.
Columbia Hills / Crawford Oaks: Muddy, snowy, freeze-thaw. Ride it and you’ll damage it.
8-Mile: snow-covered.
Knebal: Snow-covered.
Dog River: snow-covered.
Oak Ridge: snow-covered!
Surveyor’s: Snow-covered.
Ape Canyon: snow-covered.
Lewis River: Snow-covered.
Falls Creek: snow-covered.
Buck Creek/Nestor Peak: Snowy.
Fifteenmile: snow-covered.
Bear Springs: snow-covered.
Gunsight/Gumjuwac: Snowy.
Boulder Lakes: snowy.
High Prairie/450 Trail: Snowy.
Cooks Meadow: Snowy.
3 Corner Rock: Reportedly reopened with 1/2 mile of road. Unsure of current condition.GPS track here.
Sandy Ridge: Snowy.
Siouxon: snowy.


  1. PHREADI |

    THREE CORNER ROCK: 5/23/18:
    the lower TH and first few hundred yeads of trail that switchback up the hillside are completely destroyed by logging road building, which is not really explained on the DNR website. The trail itself is open from the upper TH below the peak. While there’s surprisingly little to no blow down, most of the trail is so overgrown it’s not actually visible while riding it. I rode the entire lower section, and ended up exiting the final switchback still remaining, bushwhacking down hill for 300 feet or so until I got to the new road’s backstope cliff, and repelled down by shouldering my bike and using vines as a rope. workers said they hoped to be finished with road work by july 2018, and had no information as to when the trail might be rerouted to a new TH. I would imaging that’s year(s) away. hopefully it’ll happen before the forest completely swallows the trail permanently.

  2. Erin Burnham |

    Whoopdee – perfect!

  3. Mike Estes |

    Post Canyon- Perfect!
    Sandy Ridge- Perfect!