Only a few years ago, road bikers were a rare sight in the Gorge. Maybe they were scared away by the wind. Maybe it was the grinding hill climbs on many Gorge rides. Maybe we all just had too many other sports taking up our time 5 years ago.

Things have changed. Road bikers are everywhere now, and with good reason. Road rides in the Gorge are scenic, challenging, and varied. If you haven’t had a chance to hit the road on a bike, you’re missing out. Take a look at some of the listed rides, and give road riding a chance!

Hurt Yourself
Dufur Century: 93.3 miles, ~6000′
Lost Lake / Red Hill: 52 miles, 4850′
Lost Lake Loop: 27.4/53.4 miles, 2755/3410′
Cooper Spur Long Loop: 56 miles, 3850′
Three Summits: 72 miles, 7000′
Kingsley Hillclimb: 27 miles, 2900′
Cherry Heights via Mosier: 41 miles, 3500′
The Dalles / Parkdale Double Loop: 79 miles, 5500′
Vista Ridge: 65 miles, 6000′

Go for a ride
Trout Lake Loop: 52 miles, 3250′
Big Dalles Loop: 50 miles, 2060′
BZ – Glenwood Loop: 47 miles, 2150′
Canyon Road Loop: 28.5 miles, 2800′
Mosier-The Dalles Loop: 28.3 miles, 2800′

Short or Easy
Eastside Loop: 21 miles, 1300′
Rowena Crest: 27 miles, 1820′
Cooper Spur Loop: 21.4 miles, 1740′
HR – Mosier: 14 miles, 1050′
The Mommy Loop: 11 miles, 900′
Petersburg School Loop, The Dalles: 27.5 miles, 955′