10/28 forecast

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 October 28, 2009

It’s a Wednesday break in the weather, and if you can skin up a glacier and ski down, you’re making the right choice today! Other fun suggestions include road biking, mountain biking at the Syncline, or just staring at snow-covered Hood and Adams.

Light winds grace the Gorge today, and that’s a good thing, as it’s only going to be 50 degrees.

Models suggest the wind will pick up again tomorrow as a warm front swings into the Gorge. I don’t agree with the 30ish suggested by those models. I think we’ll see gusty, inconsistent mid-twenties – and that’s the strongest-case scenario – starting late afternoon.

On Friday, the cold front swings through, with wind strength similar to Thursday.

If you enjoyed the snow on Hood and Adams, wave goodbye to it today. The snow level rises to 8-10,000 feet tomorrow afternoon, washing all the snow into the rivers. That’s a good thing if you’re a high-water boater. Throw your kayak on your roof rack and get ready!

Other than that, there’s a screening of the movie Food, Inc., tonight at Columbia Center for the Arts at 7pm. Come watch it, be scared, and join a community discussion forum (is that redundant?) afterward.

Have a great day today!