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 October 29, 2009

First off this morning, some sad news. Charlie Laventure passed away after a long battle with leukemia. If you didn’t know Charlie, you missed out. He would have been your hero. Charlie played. He played a lot. He surfed and he rode his bike and his motorcycle, and… you get the picture. On top of that, he was bright and funny and kind, and from what I hear, an awesome dad. Whenever Charlie said “hi” to me, I was honored that he was my friend.

And now this forecast gets more depressing.

Leave some space in your thoughts today for the friends and family of Maggie Guth, former server at Abruzzo, who died yesterday. Maggie was tall and beautiful and had a great smile, and a promising life ahead of her. I didn’t know her well, but I know that she and Silas fed me delicious chicken eggs, and her comments at Abruzzo always made me laugh.

The only thing I can say in response to all this death is that you, yes you, had damned well better get outside and do something fun today. Either that, or you should spend time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, preferably doing something outside (go show Mother Nature that her gray weather isn’t intimidating you).

If you’d like to show your defiance by kiting or windsurfing today, you might get a chance late today. The wind quality will be quite poor, and probably in the 16-19 range in the Corridor, but better than no wind. Models show wind in the desert tomorrow, but I’m not convinced.

Your best bet for outdoor entertainment today is going to be mountain biking (Syncline or frontside HH), or looking for mushrooms.

The snow has left the Northwest (it’s raining at Meadows), but the Hood River Ski and Gear Swap starts tomorrow afternoon. You can get your pass picture taken and pick up tickets to the Hood River Snow show on November 21st. What’s that? Think major snow show on a Hood River scale. Ski movie, snowboard movie, lots of cool new gear to touch, and family friendly (with beer and wine flowing for the grownups). $5 gets you a ticket. There’s a raffle too, with a pair of Line skis, a snowboard, and a season pass up for grabs. All proceeds to go benefit local youth ski and snowboard teams. See you there!

Have a great day today!

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  1. Stephen Schneider |

    Teacup Nordic Trails have an average of 10 inches of snow. A few locals (well – two that I know of plus me)have skied in some nice tracks. The temp this morning is just below freezing so despite the drizzle, the snow will stick around for the day and be quite skiable for those looking for fun exercise. And since the donation boxes are not up yet, you can ski without making the regular $7 per person donation! (just don’t make a habit of it). Hey – if Hood River’s mayor and a former councilman can find the time and have the energy to slip and slide you have NO excuse! See Ya.