Tuesday, 10/27 forecast

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 October 27, 2009

There’s only one thing to recommend today, and that’s powder skiing on the Timberline glacier. I have no idea if they’ll be able to get the Palmer lift open in the nasty Northwest weather, but there’s a foot of new snow on top of that abused and salted perma-snow.

If you’d like that snow to stick around as base material, start praying to whatever gods you favor. A tropically-fed, downpour-packing front is set to hit on Thursday. With up to 2” of precipitable water available in that system, and snow levels forecast to rise to 8000 feet, you can say bye-bye to today’s snow unless we change the weather. This is a great chance to test the power of group thinking. Think snow!

Now, if you’re into windsurfing or kiting, today is your day. Early gradients were .13/.07/.33. With high pressure off the coast, wind direction should be decent, if you can find someplace out of the clouds and rain. If I had to pick a stop today, I’d pick Doug’s or Maryhill (and I guess it is my job to pick a spot).

Mountain bike fiends are looking at a wide selection of trails today. There’s Syncline and… Syncline. Please give the rest of the trails a little break. They are wet and muddy and your tires will hurt them today. Be kind to the trails, and they will be kind to you.

Coming up this week, there’s the movie Food, Inc., at the Columbia Center for the Arts tomorrow night at 7pm. Be afraid of the grocery store, be very afraid. And coming up on Friday, there’s the High School ski/gear swap, where you can get your Mount Hood meadows pass picture taken (and find a 4×4 buddy, and get a ticket to the MHM/2nd Wind/IPS Hood River Snow Show – you are going to this, because I say so – on November 21st.)

Have a great day today!