10/20 forecast (10/19pm)

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 October 19, 2009

After a drenching, downpouring end-of-season pineapple express last week, the mountain bike trails are recovering nicely. Syncline couldn’t be any better, and the views of fall-colored Mosier are amazing. If you head over, please stay below the orange stake in the trail just below the brown house and consider wearing blaze orange. I haven’t heard how Post is doing, but I’m guessing it’s just about epic. Nestor is epic. The trails should stay good this week. We’re expecting a tenth or so of rain Wednesday, but dry weather for much of today and Thursday. Ride that mountain bike while you still can!

On the wind front, Wednesday afternoon looks best, with gusty16-19 the call as a front approaches.

I know your ski season radar is on. This week, we’ll have snow levels fluctuating between 7,000 and 10,000 feet. Not so great, but it is still October, so chill out already! There are plenty of ski movies this week to fuel your stoke:

On Tuesday, catch Freeheel Life, a tele movie, at Dog River. On Thursday, catch Re:Session, a Teton Gravity Research locked-heel ski movie at Andrew’s. On Saturday, watch the super-cool looking Freedom Riders (mountain biking, with a story) at River City.

Also on Saturday is a trail work party at Bottle Prarie. Meet at Little John at 9:30 for this one. And don’t forget to support New York City Subs for supplying sandwiches for lots of trail parties this summer (no, I don’t know if they’re kicking down for the Bottle Prarie work party).

Okay. I’m going back to my pie baking. Have a great day!