10/19 forecast (10/18 pm)

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 October 18, 2009

It seems to make more sense to do the forecasts in the evening now, as I’m not up early enough for you to plan your day around my late a.m. forecast.

First, I’d like to congratulate the winners of the “non-gym workout” contest. We have a tie.

Paul Grim submitted the following suggestion: Going up to Nestor Peak to gather a cord of firewood from the DNR firewood gathering area:

Park truck in likely spot, hike off into logged area through jungle gym of logs, branches, and general slash carrying 40 lb chain saw searching for downed hard woods like maple or birch. Cut a piece to truck bed length, put 100-150 lb piece of wood on shoulder and carry THROUGH JUNGLY GYM 50 yards (on average) back to truck – repeat 15 times = 1500 lbs of wood. Drive home. Unload truck. Fire up chain saw and cut into 16 inch lengths. Wheel barrow wood to wood shed, stack. collapse. Repeat 4-5 times until you have 4-5 cords of wood.

The second winner was submitted by a woman we’ll call M.D: That workout would be hours of hot sex with a man that can keep up with me (and you too… but not the same man and not together)!!!

So, both Paul and MD get a tray of brownies! Yay! Please contact me for your prize.

Now, on to the forecast: Monday looks like a west wind day in the Gorge, with a few sprinkles. Gradients won’t be super strong, but weak high pressure off the coast will give us 17-20 through the central Gorge (and Stevenson) Monday afternoon. Break out your 5.0 or your kite, and enjoy the gusty frontal wind.

Tuesday looks like a mountain biking or road biking day as the wind shuts down and sunshine returns.

Wednesday brings a little more rain … just a little, with some light westerly frontal winds.

On the trail scene, Gunsight/Gumjuwac is muddy, but snow-free. I’d imagine that applies to anything off the 44 Road too, but I’m looking for first-hand information. Post is slippery, but should dry up by Tuesday, I think. Syncline is the best I’ve ever seen it, but please don’t ride past the orange stake next to the trail below the brown house and please don’t take your dog above the fenceline. It’s hunting camp time, and the landowners and their wishes have the right-of-way.

Have an awesome start to the week!