10/22 Forecast (10/21 pm)

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 October 21, 2009

I was too distracted by the epic mountain biking (oh, and work stuff) to write a forecast yesterday. Hopefully you managed to find something to do anyway. I am sure you did, because you, like all the rest of the people reading this forecast, are addicted to playing outdoors and working out. Don’t try and deny it.

The wind scene looks dismal for Thursday, with light winds through the Gorge under high pressure. Friday, however, could get interesting. A cold front pushes in sometime during the afternoon. If everything works out right, high pressure will push build into western Oregon right behind that front, giving us some strong westerlies. I can’t guarantee anything. These frontal systems are a pain in the butt to predict. However, there’s a chance for strong westerlies late in the afternoon, probably from Stevenson down to Mosier.

Saturday looks light, as far as wind goes.

If you like storm watching, there’s a 15-17 foot @16 second swell hitting the coast the next couple of days. Light south wind will accompany that swell, making for pretty waves.

On the mountain biking front, Ranger Jim reports standing water on the 44 Road trails, so give them a day to dry, if you can. Hospital Hill was PERFECT on Wednesday afternoon. I hear Post is slick, but maybe Thursday afternoon? Same goes for Syncline…

Coming up Thursday evening is Re:Session, a TGR ski flick at Skylight Theatre and Pub, where you can drink beer and watch sick skiing. Speaking of, if you missed the telemark movie, Freeheel Life, at Dog River on Tuesday evening, you missed out. It was an awesome film. Bring on the snow!

On Saturday, there’s a mountain biking flick/documentary at River City (my bad… I thought it was at Double Mountain). Check it out: http://www.freedomridersthemovie.com/

See you all on the trails Thursday afternoon and at Re:Session in the evening!


p.s. The snow level is going down to 3000 feet next week.