Hot. Forecast.

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 July 27, 2009

Good morning everyone!

Break out the sunscreen, the frozen water bottles, floppy hats and parasols and get ready for a wicked heatwave in the Gorge. Temperatures break the 100 barrier for the next four days or so, making all those ice-cold local swimming holes look mighty refreshing.

The wind scene’s looking pretty dismal. High pressure over the Northwest crushes gradients down to nothing, and no gradient means no wind. Most likely, it’s going to be glassy through the Gorge for the next four days. If you’re a windsurfer or kiter, make friends with someone with a ski boat or paddleboard. Either that, or head to the coast.

Best wind the next few days will be from Florence down to Pistol. It looks like 15-20, so take a big kite or sail and a floaty board as well as your surfboard. You’ll have waves if you head out there – It’s seven feet today, six tomorrow and five on Wednesday.

If you’re sticking out the heat wave here, there’s still plenty going on. There’s free tai chi at Wilson Park tonight at 6.Tomorrow night is the Big Winds’ ladies Standup club at the Event Site in Hood River. Wednesday brings the annual Hood River Weather website potluck. Google it for more details!

Finally, I just want to say a final goodbye to my friend, Hood River skier, climber and windsurfer, Jeremy Flanagan. Everyone get out today and do something fun in his memory!

(I’m off for a bike ride as soon as I get these forecasts posted)