Hot Forecast 7/28

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 July 28, 2009

The heatwave continues today, with the mercury crossing the hundred degree line everywhere from Portland out to the desert.

If you’ve got a ski boat or a jetski, you’re going to be very popular today. You may want to take your phone off the hook to ward off the heat-crazed masses, who will all be calling you for a ride on the glassy Columbia.

If you don’t have a boat, think about a road bike ride this morning. I rode to Rowena yesterday morning with a friend of mine, and it was fabulous. There was no wind, except what we created with our speed, so we rode hard and fast. And it seemed like all of Hood River was on the same plan. We must have see 50 road riders on their way to Mosier. Other good rides this morning are Lost Lake and the Cooper Spur ride, where the higher elevation might just give you an extra hour in the saddle.

Desperate windsurfers and kiters can head to the coast. Today looks like 15-20 knots from Newport south with a 7 foot northwest swell. After today, coast winds shut off too, making for great surf weather.

However, the Gorge turns on tomorrow, with east winds in the 21-25 range providing a not-very-cooling breeze in the western Gorge.

If 5 o’clock this evening rolls around and you are feeling the need to get in the water, head to the Event Site for Big Winds’ ladies standup paddle club. Bring your own board or borrow one for $10. Standup is easy… even you can do it!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!