Oh my pretty forecast. 7/26

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 July 26, 2009

Good morning everyone!

If you’re a windsurfer or kiter, get it today, because Mother Nature’s heavy hand shuts down the west winds for the next four days or so. Today, we’re starting off with a .08 gradient and winds in the upper teens from Stevenson out to Mosier. This unlikely wind is driven by an unlikely cutoff low in the desert combined with high pressure off the coast.

It’s going to be 16-19 from Stevenson to Mosier early, building to 19-23 by midday and holding til late. Rowena and Doug’s catch the action too, late this afternoon. The kiteboard blowout people end up with a day to practice today, after postponing the event until next weekend.

After today, high pressure builds over the entire northwest, shutting down the wind. The 100 degree barrier falls on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, making for fabulous swimming weather all over the Gorge. Great, right? I’m thinking Punchbowl, or maybe going up to the mountain and rolling around in the snow. Anyway, grab your sunscreen, your beach towel, your surfboard or paddleboard, and head to your favorite Columbia River beach.

If you’re desperate for wind, your best bet will be either Jones Beach (but it was only 18 there today) or the coast from Florence down to Bandon. 15-20 knots is the call at the coast for the next three days. Combine that with a 7 foot swell, and you’re looking at some fabulous kiting down there. If you have a 100L board and a 5.7, you might be windsurfing as well. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s going to be windy enough to make the drive. Surfing, anyone?

If you’re sticking it out around here, think road biking. The wind won’t be here to push you around, so you can take the 7-mile and China Gorge curves as fast as you like. Or… my vote is a ride to Lost Lake, where you can probably get an ice cream bar at the top of the ride. Can anyone confirm the availability of ice cream at Lost Lake?

Finally, as many of you may have heard, local climber/skier/windsurfer Jeremy Flanagan passed away on Thursday. His friends and family have a memorial/celebration of life planned this evening at the Hood River Waterfront Park at 7:30 pm.

Stay cool today, and whatever you do, have an awesome day!