Hello Sunshine. Hello tacos. 6/8

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 June 8, 2010

Good morning!

It’s a gorgeous day today, and that means it’s time to go road biking. The Dirty Fingers approved ride of the day is riding to Lost Lake. If you’re a total studmuffin, you can ride from Dirty Fingers for a 50 mile round trip and around 4000 feet of climbing. If you’re merely human, ride from the mushroom farm in Dee for 27 miles and 2800 feet of gain. Lake Branch Road is not open, so you’ll be riding this as an out and back. Your incentive to ride today is… rain all day tomorrow, so get out there.

I also have a new favorite bike ride I want to share. It’s the Taco Time Trial. Ride to Parkdale on Monday or Tuesday for taco night at Eliot Glacier. Why is this a time trial? Because if you ride after work, you’ve got to move fast because you’re racing the sunset. Super fun ride!

If you can’t ride to Parkdale tonight, my workout pick is the Tuesday night Triathlon at the Event Site at 6pm. Also tonight at 6 is the Trail Builders’ thank you dinner at Family Man… That’s all trail builders, motorized users and bikers. Bring spaghetti, salad, desert, anything else, and a big cookstove, if you have one. And… that should be the only reason you’re in the Post Canyon mud bog today!

In windsurfing and kiting world, today is going to be light and glassy as high pressure across the Cascades crushes gradients. Perhaps Cathy Carter wants to hang out at her boathouse with me today?

A big cold front heads straight at us tonight, bringing back the wind. Westerlies build tomorrow, climbing into the 24-28 range out at Arlington by midafternoon. Rufus will see some wind too, but it’s going to be very gusty. In the western Gorge tomorrow, we’ll see rain showers and 16-19 miles per hour. Thursday is starting to look good, as high pressure at the coast sets up steadier wind through the Gorge. Yippee!

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!