Earth Day Forecast

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 April 22, 2011

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Good morning and happy Earth Day!

If you take a travel mug to Starbucks today, you get free drip coffee or tea. Temira tested. Temira approved.

Mountain Weather Forecast

In looking at the snow models for this morning, I see the potential for many days of missed work next week. Winter is returning with a vengeance, and if the forecast holds, she’s returning with powder. But first, the short-term forecast:

Today looks clear and sunny, with light wind switching to E 10-15 mid-morning. The free air freezing level (FAF) will rise to 5000’ this afternoon, making for spring skiing.

Tomorrow looks cloudy and dry, with the FAF at 5500-6000’, rising to 6500’ in the afternoon. Winds will be E 15-25 early, switching to SW 10-15 around 2pm.

The snow level starts at 6000’ Sunday morning but drops rapidly to 3000’ by 11am. We’ll see a chance of some sprinkles first thing in the morning with light snow flurries during the day for 1-2” of new snow. The wind will be WSW 10-15 early, switching to S 10-20 midday, building to WSW 15-20 in the afternoon.

Heavier snow hits Monday around 2am, with .6-.8” water value falling during the day and winds at SW 40-50. With the snow level around 2500-3000’, that should give us 6-8” of new snow by 4pm and a very nice afternoon on the wind-favored slopes. Models show another .5-.7” overnight, for another 5-7” of new by Tuesday morning, so I’m planning on grabbing first chair. At this point, it looks like we’ll see more snow overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning, when I’m also planning on first chair. =) And you thought winter was over…

Gorge Wind Forecast

It doesn’t look like we’ll see much wind the next few days. Light easterlies build this afternoon, possibly hitting the 15-18 range in Stevenson and at Rooster. Tomorrow looks slightly stronger, maybe 17-21 or so, but Sunday brings light wind. The next big wind day looks like Monday.

Other stuff

Since today is Earth Day, it’s a good day to make plans to give back to the Gorge. Check out Columbia Gorge Earth Center’s website for a whole list of projects happening Saturday morning. Or, if you don’t want to search through a long list, just head to Post Canyon tomorrow morning for a Seven Streams trail work party. Meet at the bottom of Post Canyon Road for that one.

There’s also a work party on the Indian Creek Trail on Saturday morning. Meet at the Pacific Power substation on Union Street at 9am for that work party.

And… there’s a weeding party at the Hood River Waterfront Park tomorrow morning.

Have an awesome day today! How could you not? It’s sunny and beautiful. I feel a long bike ride coming on…


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