Black Friday Forecast

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 November 26, 2010

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Good morning!

We’ll start off today with another freezing rain update. There’s freezing rain at Cascade Locks right now, and traction tires are required on I-84. Will the highway close today, preventing you from doing your Black Friday shopping in Portland, forcing you to shop in The Dalles? Probably.

Right now we have an east .16 gradient and enough wind at Rooster Rock or Stevenson for total nutcases to get on the water. I’m bringing up the gradient because it’s strong enough that it will take a good, long while for the cold air to mix out of the Gorge. With .25” to .5” of water value expected today, we’re in trouble in the Gorge. CL is going to see plenty of ice, and HR, WS, Odell and Parkdale are going to see several inches of snow before NOAA’s “frozen mess” switches over to ice. Or maybe we’ll get lucky like CL and just see freezing rain, but that’s unlikely, and would be a disaster.

When will we switch back to rain? I think we’ll see an end to the frozen stuff tomorrow, by midmorning at the latest.

Now, on to your recreation report.

It’s going to snow all day today on the mountain. 9-12” by tomorrow morning with snow levels at 3500’ seems about right. It’s also going to be windy today, with sustained 20-30 at MHM by early afternoon. It’s not going to shut down the mountain, but it is going to be storm skiing. We’ll see another 4-6” tomorrow with snow levels around 3000’. Sunday looks partly cloudy and cold, with the snow level at 1500-2000’ and occasional flurries.

We’ll see a change in the weather in favor of boaters on Monday and Tuesday. There won’t be much precip on Monday, but warming temperatures might do some damage to the packed powder snow surface. On Tuesday, the rain begins. If we’re lucky, it will stay to the north of Mt. Hood. If not, we’re going to see 1-2” of rain fall up to 7000’ or so. Like I said, it a forecast for boaters. I’ll be taking pictures of you nuts running the Hood at 7+ feet late Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have an awesome day today!


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