2/12 Forecast

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 February 12, 2011

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Good morning!

Mountain Weather Forecast

Mother Nature is giving us a bit of a break this morning as the approaching front has slowed down. However, we’ll see increasing SW wind today, building to SW 50-60 at 5000’ (it’s already at SW 50-60 up high) by early afternoon, switching to WSW 50-60 by 10pm. The precipitation forecast has backed off as well, with the r**n not starting until 7-10pm. We may even get lucky, as temps at 5000’ slowly drop to 0-2°C by 10pm. That gives us a snow level of around 5000’, assuming the snow gods smile upon us. We’ll see moderate precipitation overnight, for a total of approximately .5” water value. At this point, I think we’ll see 1-2” of wet snow at the base and 3-4” of slightly less wet snow up high.

Tomorrow starts off with the freezing level around 5500’, fluctuating between 5000’ and 6000’ during the day and rising to 6500’ by 7pm. Winds early will be WSW 40-50, decreasing to SW 25-35 by 11am, going to SW 30-40 by 7pm. Precipitation will be light early, becoming moderate between 1pm and 7pm. Total water value tomorrow will be .25”-.5”. We’ll probably see a couple wet inches of snow tomorrow down low with 3-4” up high.

Monday starts off with the freezing level at 6000’, falling to 4000’ by 7pm. Precip starts around 1pm, becoming moderate through 10pm and heavy through 4am. Total water value will be .5-.75”, for 6-8” of new snow, mostly falling overnight. Winds on Monday start at SW 30-40, going to SW 40-50 overnight.

By Tuesday morning, the snow level will be around 4000’, falling to 3000’ late in the day. It should be a good day to make some runs, if you have the chance. Early winds will be WSW at 20-30, building to WSW 30-40 overnight. We’ll see periods of light to moderate orographic snow showers on Monday, for .25-.5” water value and 3-5” of new snow.

After Tuesday, we should see a few inches of new snow each day.

Mountain biking report
Post is sticky from the melt-freeze cycles. Please don’t ride it unless you’re headed way up high. Whoopdee is unrideable due to melt-freeze cycles. Syncline is rideable. Hospital is unknow.

Gorge Wind Forecast
Best chance for sailing in the Gorge is late this afternoon or tomorrow morning as the front passes.

Have a great day today!


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