1/3/2011 forecast

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 January 3, 2011

Good morning!

The forecast took a vacation for a few days, as the weather was boring and unchanging. Well, sunshine isn’t really boring, but repeating the phrase, “clear, cool, calm” over and over doesn’t make for much of a forecast read.

Today will be clear, cool and calm.

Tomorrow will be clear, cool and calm, with some high clouds moving in during the afternoon. Temperatures on Mt. Hood will be inverted through 4pm or so, with temps climbing just above freezing between 5000’ and 8000’. Winds tomorrow will be light, building to 10-15mph out of the west by 4pm. Light snowfall moves in overnight, for a total of 1-2” by 10am. Snow levels will be around 3000’, except in the Gorge and Hood River Valley, where the snow level will be at the surface.

During the day on Wednesday, freezing levels will rise to 4000’-4500’ by 4pm. Winds start the day at W 10-15mph, rising to W 15-20 by 4pm. Precipitation will be light and spotty during the day. In the Gorge, flow finally switches from east to west and temperatures climb above freezing by the afternoon.

Snow levels overnight Wednesday rise to 5500’. At this point, it looks like we’ll see less than .25” of water value, as the bulk of the system hits north of the Columbia River. Crystal and other Washington ski areas see significant snowfall. We’ll see 2-3” during the day Thursday. There is a chance we’ll see some freezing rain with this system. Winds Thursday will be W 15-20 all day long.

If you’re in the mood for windsurfing or kiting, winds will be 30+ at Stevenson and 40+ at Rooster today (it’s averaging 47mph at Rooster right now). Gradients weaken tomorrow, for 20+ at Stevenson and 30ish at Rooster, fading by afternoon.

Due to model discrepancies, the forecast for Thursday may be totally off, and I’m not going to touch the extended forecast.

Have a great day today!