11/23 forecast

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 November 23, 2010

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Good morning!

Wind forecast? Who needs a wind forecast? Let’s talk snow.

If there’s any way you can sneak out for some skiing today, you should. The powder at Meadows is bottomless (seriously). It’s the best snow I’ve seen up there in years (maybe one of the best days ever?). I’d like to think that we’ll see a lot of this, since it’s La Nina, but why risk missing it? Skip work today. Print out this forecast and have your boss call me if needed.

If miss it you must, be advised that we’ll see a repeat this weekend. We’ll see light snowfall through Thursday, and then Friday brings 12-18” of snow (too early too see if it’ll be early or late), Saturday sees an additional 6-8”, and a few more will fall on Sunday. Snow levels will be 3000 feet or lower for the duration of this storm. Of course, forecasts are subject to change, but that’s the extended view at this point.

What does that mean? Skibowl should get open Friday, as they are planning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hood River Meadows (that’s HRM, for those of you in the know) to open this weekend, and night skiing at MHM for Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t surprise me either.

Keep in mind that I’m not speaking as a Meadows employee. Those are only guesses based on snow coverage, base amounts, past seasons, and upcoming forecasts.

If I had to pick a couple of days to ski, I’d pick today (duh – there’s 24” of new snow), and Sunday, when the weather will be a bit better. Or… Saturday night at Skibowl, where you can experience a 9.5-rated nacho platter.

Anyway, enjoy the snow and have an awesome day today!


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