Wednesday Forecast

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 March 24, 2010

Good morning!

Don’t forget that tonight is Meredith’s slide show on her and her husband Ron’s winter trip to Armenia, Georgie, Turkey and Kurdistan. River City Saloon. 7pm. Be there. That’s as much a reminder to myself as it is to you. =)

If you’ve been looking at your skis and thinking of putting them away in the face of all this spring skiing, don’t do it. We’ll see a rain/snow mix on the slopes tonight, quickly switching over to snow tomorrow. The forecast is for .25″ of water value into tomorrow morning and then an additional .5-.75″ with snow levels at 3500 feet by Friday morning. This means that the last couple of hours of skiing tomorrow and all day Friday are likely to be excellent. Clear your Friday morning.

The storm that brings this snow is also a good setup for desert windsurfing and kiting. An upper level low slides across northern Oregon tomorrow, bringing a round of quite southerly westerlies to Arlington and Threemile. I think 30+ is a safe call for tomorrow afternoon. On Friday, a low pressure trough moves across the Northwest and high pressure builds in behind. 30+ is again the call from Doug’s out to Threemile.

In mountain bike land, the news isn’t great. As of 3pm Tuesday, Seven Streams was a muddy mess. That doesn’t bode well for Hospital Hill or Nestor, leaving us with Syncline. Post, at least the upper part, might be worth a shot late this afternoon after 60+ degree temps dry it out a bit more.

And if you haven’t started planting your garden, get on it. The soil misses you.

Have a great day today!