Tuesday. 7/2. Classic Gorge Setup, events, and the summer pledge drive!

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 July 2, 2013

It’s Pledge Drive Month

Thanks for coming here for your forecast. It’s time for the summer pledge drive! “WHAT?”, you say, “I thought this was free!” Well, it is. But I write the forecast every day – it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s my job, and you’re my employers! Here’s the deal: Every day someone has to pledge. If I get $15 in pledges, there’s a forecast the next day. If not, no website forecast: only the people on the email list get their forecast. Want on that list? Make a donation of $12 or more via PayPal by clicking on the sun, and you’ll be on the list and everyone gets a forecast the following day. Thank you so much for your support, and have a wonderful summer!
Tomorrow’s forecast status (will be updated every few hours): 8:22am: STOP DONATING. 😉 Thank you, Ron C., Sean B., and Tyson T.

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Good morning,

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Geez. Y’all are lucky. I forgot until now that July is Pledge Drive month. You missed one whole day of my begging, pleading, and cajoling!

Yesterday afternoon in Portland, it was hot. It was hot out here too, but my point isn’t about yesterday’s heat. It’s about the temp at midnight last night when I returned from Portland: 80° . At midnight. Wow. Thankfully, the heat wave is coming to an end… slowly but surely we’ll see temps drop over the next few days. And you know what the end of a heat wave means: WIND! And with super strong wind comes the need for photos. Track down my friend Grant Myrdal for your on-the-water photos – he’ll be out there shooting. How? Find the blue flags. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo – find the blue flags in the sea of kites!

Wind forecast

It’s going to be very, very windy for the next four days as the North Pacific high combines with coastal low pressure and a heat low in the desert, asserting itself in CLASSIC GORGE form. This is a setup not seen much in the last three La Nina summers. Thank you, oh great Neutral Year.

We’ll see strong, steady west wind for the next four days, strongest near Hood River. Clouds in Stevenson in the mornings will keep the wind light there until the afternoon. Doug’s/Rowena/Lyle will do the usual afternoon pickup, and Maryhill will likely get in on the action on Thursday and Friday as deeper clouds push into the Gorge.

So… Expect westerlies at 24-27 at the Hatchery pretty much all day today, with a midday lull as Portland’s clouds dissipate. In the afternoon, the wind will pick up at Stevenson (17-21) and the Rowena area (24-27+) and maybe into the low twenties at Maryhill.

Expect Dawn Patrol at 24-28 tomorrow, with 26-30 at Doug’s in the afternoon. Less wind at Stevenson and Arlington, with Maryhill in the low twenties after noon.

Thursday and Friday look windier: Dawn Patrol near Hood River at 26-30+. With more clouds in Portland both days, there should be no midday lull, just the usual afternoon fill-in at the eastern beaches.

At the coast the next few days, it will also be windy. 15-18 north, 20-25+ central, 30+ south. SW 3@14′ today, W 5@13 tomorrow, W 6@12 Thursday.

Temira likes this forecast.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Stevenson 7-11 11-14 17-21 17-21
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 22-26 24-28 24-27
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 15-18 18-23 18-23 25-28
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 10-15 15-18 15-18 17-21
Arlington / Roosevelt 7-11 10-15 10-15 10-15

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Bike News

No bike news to report today. However, tomorrow night is the women’s Post and Pinot ride from Dirty Fingers (free glass of wine after the ride). Meet at DF at 5:30 or the bottom of Post Canyon Road at 6:30. Thursday night is the Post n’ Pint (free pint of beer after the ride). 5:30 at the shop. No wimping out and starting at the trailhead – plus, you’ll really want that warmup on the road.

Other News

Swing by the Ruins at Springhouse tonight for family-friendly outdoor music, food, and drinks. Also tonight, there’s pickup touch rugby at the Hood River Marina at 5:30 and there’s triathlon practice at the Hood River Event Site at 6pm. Both the rugby game and the triathlon practice are open to beginners. Just show up and give it a shot.

Tomorrow morning (and every M-W-F morning) at 8:15, there’s a watersports non-yoga warmup class, by donation, at Cascade Kiteboarding. Here’s the list for tomorrow night: Karma Yoga (by donation) at 4pm at Flow. All at 5:30: Post n’ Pinot, Families at Family Man (kid-friendly mountain biking time), Kayak Shed’s shop paddle on the LWS/MWS (Husum), Pickup Rugby (Henkle Middle School). At 6pm, there’s sailboat racing, sure to be chaotic on a super-wind evening.

Coming up this weekend, there’s yet another swap meet. This one’s at Windance starting at 7am. If you have gear to sell, it’s $10. If you just want to shop, it’s free. It’s also the Gorge Laser Blowout at Cascade Locks, and the Watershed Relay, during which a group of friends make their way by various conveyances from the top of Mt. Adams to the Columbia River. Super fun times.

Coming up in two weekends from now, it’s Kiteboarding for Cancer, and they’re looking for volunteers. Visit the event websitefor more information.

Have an awesome day today!