The great cooldown begins…

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 August 17, 2010

Good morning!

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Despite the heat, the gradient had already turned westerly through the Gorge yesterday, but the gradient is only at .02 this morning. There is very little marine cloud coverage in Western Oregon this morning, so the chance of wind this afternoon is pretty light. If we get lucky, we’ll have 13-15 this evening from Stevenson to Hood River – I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance, and if predicted thunderstorms develop, we’re not going to get any wind today.

If you like lots of wind, tomorrow is the day you’ve been waiting for. An upper level low crossing the Cascades south of the Columbia combines with a passing frontal system to set up big gradients across the Gorge tomorrow. Of course, it’s not clear yet where the cloud line will end up, so it’s hard to tell if the strongest wind will be at Mosier or at the Hatchery in the morning. Either way, expect 28-32, with a chance of even more, from Hood River to Doug’s in the morning, filling in at The Wall and Arlington later in the day.

Since there are weather dynamics going on tomorrow, there’s a good chance the wind will be quite gusty, but if you love high wind and can take some time off tomorrow, you should.

The westerlies back off a little on Thursday, but they’ll keep blowing into the foreseeable future. That means through the weekend, as best as I can tell.

If you need something to do tonight, there’s the Tuesday Night Tri workout meeting at the east end of the Hood River Event Site around 6pm. If you can’t make the Tuesday workout, there’s now a bonus Thursday Tri workout. Same place, same time.

Coming up this Saturday, CGWA is putting on a CPR class. This isn’t limited to windsurfers, so anyone can register. Visit for more information, and if you sign up today, you get a discount on the registration.

Boaters, the White Salmon’s just below 2 feet and the Klickitat’s right around 850 cfs.

Have a great day today!


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