The Gorge is my Gym, and it’s easy ‘cuz it’s summer! 5/15

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 May 15, 2010

Good morning!

If you’re headed to the mountain today, get there early. It’s already over freezing, it never dropped below freezing last night, and it’s going to hit 60 today, so the snow isn’t going to last long… But there are just two days left at Meadows, so come make your final turns of the season! I’ll be there, cruising around in my bikini top until they tell me that I’m out of uniform. =)

If you’d rather windsurf or kite, your best chance today will be those afternoon thermals again, but anything more than 10 miles per hour would be nothing short of miraculous. Tomorrow afternoon looks a little better, as a front approaches the coast. The usual scenario with this setup puts the best wind at Stevenson, so we’ll see 21-24 there late tomorrow afternoon. In the Corridor tomorrow afternoon, we’ll see gusty 15-19.

Your best water sport this weekend is probably surfing. It’s awesome at the coast with a 4 foot south swell at 17 seconds. That’s going to pick up to 8 feet by Sunday for awesome waves! Oh do I wish I could go to the coast and go surfing this weekend. 65 degrees, good waves, freezing cold water… oh yeah, baby!

I rode Surveyor’s yesterday from Pine Mont up, and it’s clear of snow for at least 8 miles up, so you have a good, solid ride with great views. Apparently there’s snow along the trail higher up, but if you need to ride more than 15 miles, you’re a better person than me. If you’re a road biker, today’s going to be awesome, with lots of sunshine and very little wind!

Boaters, the Hood’s at 3.9ft, the White Salmon’s at 3.8ft, the Little White’s at 617cfs, and the Wind River’s at 563cfs.

And finally, today is the annual open house at The Dalles Rifle and Pistol Club. It’s free, and runs from 10am until 2pm. By free, I mean free ammo, free hot dogs, and free diet coke. Say hi to my good friend Phil while you’re there. He’ll be working, poor Phil.

Have a great day!


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  1. Sam Bauer |

    Hi Tamira,

    I just want to say that I think your website and writing are great. I really appreciate what you give to the gorge. It’s great energy. I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve never been to your web site before today. Not for any reason, I’m just boring that way. However, I look forward to reading your forecast every morning and hearing you on the radio or meadows phone. My first introduction to your writing was via an article you wrote on Japan that was published in the Hood River News. I was impressed and enjoyed it. I knew from that read that you have a talent with words and expression. Keep up the good work. You’ve got good karma and good mojo. The world needs more of that.