Temira’s birthday forecast 1/8

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 January 8, 2011

Good morning!

In case you didn’t know, today is my birthday. Now, on to the weather forecast.

There’s a bit of a chaotic weather episode in the long term forecast, but I’ll start with the short-term forecast.

Today brings weather like we’re seeing now: partly cloudy skies alternating with orographic snow showers. Snow flurries will be light this morning, increasing a bit this afternoon and ending overnight Total accumulation will be .25” or so of water value for a couple of inches of new snow. Winds this morning will be NW 20-25, decreasing to NW 15-20 midday and holding overnight.

Sunday looks similar to today, with orographic snow showers and .25” to .5” (I think we’ll see the lower end of that) of water value for 3-4” of snow during the 4am-2am period. Winds tomorrow will be W 15-20, decreasing to light and variable as cold air moves in from the north.

Monday and Tuesday look clear, cold and calm with the free air freezing level near the surface.

Chaos begins on Wednesday morning, with very cold air in place at the surface along with strong east wind through the Gorge. Total water value on Wednesday will be 1”-1.5”. Snow levels will be at the surface through midday Thursday, except in the mountains, where the snow level will increase to approximately 5000’. Expect a foot of snow or more in the Gorge, along with lots of ice in the western Gorge. Expect I-84 to close sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday. It looks like surface gradients and wind will turn westerly by midday Thursday, ending the snow in the Gorge.

Total water value each day Wednesday-Sunday will be over an inch, if the long-term forecast holds. Snow levels hover around 5000’… we’ll have to wait a few days to see how the forecast shakes out. We could see feet upon feet upon feet of snow on the mountain. Fingers crossed, please.

Have a great day today!


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  1. Adam Prekurat |

    Happy Birthday Temira!
    Keep up good work and see you on the mountains