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 January 13, 2011

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Good morning!

Today: warm, wet and windy.
Tomorrow: warm, wet and windy.
Saturday: warm, wet and windy.
Sunday: warm, wet and windy.
Monday: warm, wet and windy.

Thanks for using Temira’s forecast. Have a nice day. Okay, let me summarize: it’s going to be really nasty on the mountain for the next four days, at least. It’s too wet to mountain bike. If you like kayaking high water, it’s going to be awesome. The Hood is already exceeding the forecast, at 6.3 feet. I am sure the White Salmon will hit something over 5 feet. Taking photos of the rivers will be fun too. The snow has melted from the roads, so sledding is out but running is in. Now if we could just get some west wind to scour the cold air from the Gorge!

On to your mountain weather forecast: Today we’ll see snow levels at 6000’, rising to 7000’. Total precipitation will be around 1.5” water value. Winds on Mt. Hood will be SW 30-40 this morning, dropping briefly, and then rebuilding to SW 40-50 by 1pm, switching to W 40-50 as the front passes mid-afternoon, for another likely shutdown at Mt. Hood Meadows. Overnight wind will be WSW around 40mph.

We’ll see a brief drop in the snow level overnight to 5500’, rising quickly to 7500’ or higher by 10am tomorrow. Winds will be at WSW 35-45 in the morning, switching to W 30-40 by 4pm. We’ll have a brief “break” in the weather overnight Friday, with only light precipitation and W wind at 20-30. Total precipitation Friday will be .5” to 1” of rain. A small shift in the storm track could up this to 2”+ of rain.

Saturday morning starts with SW wind at 30-40, switching to WSW 30-40, and going to W 25-35 by 7pm. This looks miserable, but not like a shutdown. We may see a brief period of snow Friday night into Saturday morning in the wake of a cold front, as the snow level drops briefly to 4500’, but it will rise to 6000’ by 10am and to 8000’ by 4pm. Rain/snow will be light Saturday morning, building to torrential rain by early afternoon. Total water value will be 1.5” to 2” from 4am Saturday to 4am Sunday, with most of that rain falling after 2pm.

Sunday looks equally delightful, with the snow level at 8000’ in the morning, falling to 5000’ by 4pm in the wake of a strong cold front. Morning winds will be WSW 40-50, switching to a disastrous NW 40-50 by 1pm. In addition to the brutal wind, we’re looking at 2-3” of rain on Sunday. Fortunately, the ‘Hawks game starts at 10am, so there will be something fun to do on the mountain. Go Seahawks!

Pray for snow!


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  1. Mike Estes |

    Going to the hobby store and gonna build a model ship after reading this. Yikes.