November 1st Forecast

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 November 1, 2009

What a beautiful day! Mt. Adams, with all the recent snow, looks rock free from my window. I’m sure there are plenty of rocks under there, but both my skis and I are itching to make some turns.

If you’re looking for something fun to do today, you don’t have to look far. We have light west gradients with high pressure building in. Models don’t handle this well; they usually say winds will turn east before afternoon, and the westerlies usually hold until the end of the day. So, with a .05 gradient at 8am, I’ll go with low teen westerlies for much of today.

By tomorrow, we’ll see easterlies in the 17-20 range at Stevenson. East winds pick up a little on Tuesday, hitting the 20-24 range.

More importantly, blue skies rule the region today and tomorrow (and possibly Tuesday, but I think we’ll see some high clouds then). Road biking, mountain biking, running, hiking… you really can’t go wrong with any of those in the sun.

Speaking of mountain biking, the back side of HH is pretty sloppy right now. If you can wait until tomorrow to ride it, that would be lovely. Syncline is perfect. I’m going to assume that Post is wet, and you should stay away til Tuesday. If you have any information about the 44 road trails, or any others, please let me know.

Have an awesome day today – enjoy the sunshine!