Not very windy wind forecast 7/15

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 July 15, 2011

This week’s forecast is brought to you by Crossfit Hood River and their upcoming standup paddle series taught by the SUP fitness queen, Nikki Gregg. Now, you’re probably wondering why Crossfit (a gym, kinda) is sponsoring a report related to a website called ‘The Gorge is my gym’. Well, Crossfit will kick your a** into shape faster than anything else (you basically have a personal coach), leaving you more ready to tackle Mother Nature’s gym. Crossfit Hood River Sport Clinics: SUP series will get you SUP’ers into great shape too. The clinic runs 7/18,7/25,8/8,8/15 and is $155 for the series. You can sign up by calling 541-490-0939. And yes, we’re giving something away on the email list, but we’re not sure what yet. Stay tuned…

Apparently I’m not so good with hyperlinks. If I’d stop writing this forecast in Word and use Notepad, things would work out better. Anyway, here’s the Native Eyewear Facebook Contest link yet again, correct this time. Please scroll down and vote for me. I’ll make it worth your while… somehow…

This upper low off the coast is really messing with the Gorge wind right now. As a matter of fact, it’s about the worst weather setup possible for consistent Gorge westerlies. If you look at the satellite image this morning, there’s a nice marine layer in Portland and sun out east. But if you look at the river, it’s glassy. With the low right off the coast this morning, we have very light west wind. With a little thermal help, it’s going to pick up to 8-13 this afternoon from Hood River eastward, but that’s not much help for the RoShamThrowDown..

Tomorrow looks a little better as a front helps the wind situation. We’ll still see 5-10 early, but the wind will pick up to gusty 13-15 in the western Gorge and 18-22 east of Mosier late in the afternoon.

Sunday will be really light in the morning, picking up a little bit east of Hood River in the afternoon. Things look a little better Monday as high pressure builds briefly off the coast, but the middle of next week brings another round of cool, cloudy, not windy weather.

So on to a more positive note, the RoShamThrowDown is still on for today, tomorrow, and Sunday (if needed), although the wind doesn’t look good, most typical for contest time. Even without wind, the party still goes on. Tonight you can head to Waucoma Club, and tomorrow night you can head to the Elks. And speaking of parties, head to Springhouse Cellars tonight for the 1st annual Blue Collar Burnout.

If you’d rather ride bikes today than chase the wind, the dirt hasn’t gone anywhere – it never does – and the Disco Divas are riding Surveyor’s today to prove it. Gals can meet up with them at 8:30 at China Gorge or call Discover Bikes for contact information for next week’s ride. If you can’t ride today, don’t forget about the 8 and 8:30 road rides leaving Ground Coffee tomorrow morning! The pavement is always around too, and it’s extra good when the wind stops blowing.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. April |

    Hi there! The Blue Collar Burnout is an invite-only party! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Temira |

      Actually, it was an invite-yourself-only party. As long as you RSVP’d in time on Facebook, you were invited.