Kitchen Sink

Distance: 10.3 mile loop
Elevation: 1700′ of climbing
Distance from HR: 20ish miles
GPX file

No, the kitchen sink doesn’t have everything, but it has a lot, especially for a short trail. If you like smooth, buffed out singletrack, this isn’t for you. There are sections of smooth dirt, don’t get me wrong, but this trail is for folks who like a bit of a challenge.

If you like loose rocks of all sizes, roots, and moto ruts, you’re in the right place. If you like mud bogs, ride this trail a couple of days after a heavy rain.

When is it best? Spring, when Post is too muddy and the 44 Road trails are under snow. Spring is Sink Season. In summer, the trail is dusty and loose. Ride it in fall after the rains return, and you’re in for a special treat.

The Sink is a great addition to a Surveyor’s Ridge Shuttle. Look across the parking area / gravel road at the north end of Surveyor’s. Ride the loose, rocky doubletrack downhill to the start of the trail. You’ll know you’re there after you cross a stream and hit a four-way intersection of barely visible, often-overgrown, trails. Take a left, and you’re on your way.

If you’re not coming from Surveyor’s, get to the trailhead following the directions below. Follow the trail through an old clearcut, and then follow it through a stream, through the woods, across a couple of gravel roads, and through some more woods. You’re going to climb. When the trail tops out (you’ll know it), it’ll be crossed by a double-track ATV-looking trail. Go straight. Take the next right – there will be a sign reading “310”. The trail here is loose and rocky. Let ‘er rip.

Ride downhill for a couple of miles, then ride up another hill. You’ll come to an intersection with a blue sign, a black sign, and a 310 sign. Go right down some steep, loose, rocky switchbacks and some fun armored switchbacks. Cross the road (this is Pinemont Road) and follow the 310 trail (touch the sink for good luck) back to your car on Booth Hill Road.

Directions: Head south on Highway 35 out of Hood River. Take a left at the Sawtooth Pub / Booth Hill Road. Follow it for 1/2 mile or so, and at the three-way intersection, go right. Follow Booth Hill uphill until it turns to gravel and splits into two roads – one goes right, and one continues straight uphill. Park at the wide area on the right road. Pedal up the gravel road, and when you hit pavement (that’s Pinemont Road), take a left. Follow Pinemont for 5 miles or so. It starts paved, switches to gravel, and switches back to one-lane pavement. When you see the powerlines, you’re close. About 100 yards before the powerlines, a trail drops off the road into a gully. Follow the trail. Take a right at the bottom of the gully, and you’re on the 310, aka Kitchen Sink. You can also shuttle the trail by parking at the north end of Surveyor’s Ridge.

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