6.26 forecast

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics and happy Friday!

Today is yet another windy day in the Gorge. A mid-teen teaser start quickly builds into the 24-27range from Stevenson to Hood River by midday. This afternoon, we’ll have 23-26 from HRut to Rowena. Get your windsurfing and kiting in today, because tomorrow is a wind-free rest day.

Saturday looks like a fabulous day to enjoy one of these non-wind-related activities, cuz it’s going to be glassy: Discover Bike’s 8am hammerhead bike ride. Dirty Fingers Bike Repair’s 8:30am Ladyfinger, ladies only ride. A 9am meeting at Dog River cycles for the Cook Meadows work party. All day events include the 3000 foot downhill Hood River Super D in Post Canyon and windless Windfest at the Hood River Event Site. And there’s my pick, at 2pm at the Mosier School tomorrow. It’s the interesting Mosier talks, where a large number of people give 3 minute talks on interesting subjects.

Sunday gets you back on the water, as a Saturday night front drives Sunday morning winds into the 21-24 range. That’s right, it’s going to be windy at Windfest on Sunday. Head down there and take advantage of $5 gear demos and free waterstart and jibe lessons.

On a slightly different topic, the next five days look fantastic at the Oregon coast. It’s gong to be windy. Today’s swell is 9 feet, and the next four days see 5 to 9 feet every day. If I could go, I’d be there.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


6/25 Forecast

Morning everyone!

A finicky front crossed Oregon Last night. Morning clouds were shading the river all the way to The Dalles, and morning gradients were at .07. The low teens start builds to 23-26 later on, with Doug’s and Maryhill being the windiest spots today. Speaking of doug’s, if you are planning on using the Lyle sandbar for kiteboarding or anything else, don’t. The railroad police are issuing thousand-dollar tickets. This is no urban legend. This is the real deal. Don’t cross the tracks in Lyle.

High pressure builds off the coast tomorrow driving gorge westerlies and coast northerlies. We’ll start off tomorrow with corridor winds in the low twenties or so, with a midday build into the 23-27 range. It’s also going to be windy at the coast tomorrow with a 9 foot swell. Sounds like a perfect beach day to me!

The weekend is looking windy at this point, however impossible that may be on Windfest weekend.

Now, the weekend activity list. On Saturday we’ve got the Hood River Super D, Windfest, Discover bike’s 8am bike rides and the Dirty Fingers Ladyfinger ride. There’s also a mountain bike work party at Cook Meadows. Sunday brings Windfest, the Bionicon bikes demo and a CGWA swap meet.

Speaking of bikes, today is the Dirty Fingers Post and Pint Super-D shuttle preview. Meet at Dirty Fingesr at 5:30.

For more information about those events (start times, meeting locations, whatever), visit the not-yet-finished website at

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!