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 October 10, 2010

Good morning!

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Good morning!

It’s not looking quite as gloomy as yesterday this morning, although clouds are still hanging low over the Gorge. As I write this forecast at 7:45, there’s no rain falling from the sky. There’s a good chance that will change soon, judging by the radar picture. It’s pouring from Cascade Locks westward (not a good day to go to Portland). However, that moisture is moving northwest, and may miss us. That would be sad, as the rivers are rising and I’d love to see another inch of rain fall on Mt. Hood.

Right now the Hood’s at 3.6 feet (it appears it spiked near 4.5 briefly last night), and the Klickitat’s around 850 cfs. I don’t have a reading for the White Salmon, but I’m guessing it’s come up a bit with all the rain, and will continue to come up today, hopefully getting just over 2 feet.

If you want to windsurf or kite today, you’ll be waiting until after the front clears the Cascades. Due to the trajectory of the front, it doesn’t look like we’ll see the nuclear force day we were waiting for. Instead, we’ll see westerlies in the 22-24 range from maybe Maryhill out to Threemile, with gusty 17-21 in the western Gorge under the clouds. My guess would be the wind won’t last very long, maybe 2-3 hours, so if you want it, get on it as soon as the wind starts picking up. Sorry guys, I was hoping for a big day too.

It doesn’t look like we’ll see any wind of note in the Gorge the next two days (and with the saturated ground, the Nothing will likely show up), but you could catch a big day at Pistol River either tomorrow or Tuesday, and Florence should be windy Tuesday as well.

If you want to mountain bike today, please don’t go to Post. It’s really, really, really muddy, and you’ll damage the trails if you ride today (as for the people I saw shuttling the Super D yesterday, well, they suck, except for the guys in the X-terra who turned around instead of taking a second lap in the mud. They are super cool!).

Coming up this week, there’s a free Energy Trust workshop on making your home more efficient on Thursday night (someone else will show you how to make it efficient the other nights of the week). That’s at the Hood River Inn at 6pm and comes with free dinner. On Friday, the new PowderWhores telemark ski movie (first ski movie of the season) plays at Dog River at 8pm. No free dinner at the movie, but chance are there will be swag of some sort.

Have an awesome day today!


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