Classic Gorge Forecast

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 August 29, 2011

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Okay, I know you windsurfers and kiters have been waiting for some solid Gorge wind, for the classic Gorge day, and you’re going to get several this week. With deep clouds in Portland this morning and the gradient at .14 at 5am, it’s going to be good today. As a matter of fact, it’s pitch black outside as I write this (a hazard of having to do a radio report as well), and it’s already blowing 27 at Swell. I guess that qualifies as Dawn Patrol? So, easy: we’ll see 24-28 from Hood River to The Dalles this morning, picking up to 27-30 by midday and filling in out to Maryhill. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll see periods of 30+ today, so bring your smallest gear. I’ll have an extra 2.9 and 3.0 with me today if you’re desperate.

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The clouds look a little deeper tomorrow, so it’s going to cool off some more and likely shift the wind east a bit. We start with 23-26 east of Hood River tomorrow, building to 26-30 from Mosier to Maryhill in the afternoon with mid-twenties at Arlington.

Wednesday brings even more clouds, so head east of Hood River for 23-26 all day long.

In fun stuff to do tonight, head to Wilson Park in Hood River for free Tai Chi at 5:30. At 6:15, you can join the Mountain View Cycles alternative ride to Mosier. There will be a silent auction tonight at the Thirsty Woman as part of that ride to raise money for Big Dawg Mike’s bills from a big bike crash. If you’re coming, please wear a helmet and please bring lights for your bike.

Speaking of bikes, September is bike commute challenge month, sponsored by Gorge Owned. You can earn cool prizes from local businesses for participating, including free coffee, my favorite, so sign up now. I’m still trying to figure out how to rack up miles riding my bike from my bed to my desk. Perhaps I can count going to the coffee shop as bike commuting? Get more information at

Have an awesome day today!


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