Welcome to TheGorgeisMyGym!

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 June 10, 2009

Gym membership? We don’t need a gym membership. We have the Gorge! It’s a rare day when you can’t get a workout outside here. There’s road biking, mountain biking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, whitewater boating, trail running, skiing, backcountry skiing, hiking, standup paddling and a zillion other outdoor sports to do.

The problem in the Gorge is making a choice. Do I ride my bike today? Do I windsurf? Do I backcountry ski? Go for a run? Climb the HR stairs?

How do you choose? Take a look at the information here. Over time, we’ll be adding information on as many outdoor activities as possible. Hopefully, thegorgeismygym.com will spare you from needing a gym membership, even in the wettest, darkest months of the year!

This is a collaboration between us and you. If you’ve ridden a trail or a road ride, or boated a river, please take the time to leave a comment with current conditions. If we can make this a centralized information forum, we’ll have a valuable resource for everyone.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!