6/20 Forecast

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 June 20, 2009

Morning everyone and Happy national surf day!

West winds continue today after yesterday’s late-day blasting at Arlington. Let me just mention that despite the fact that I forecasted late-day wind at Arlington, I missed the blasting because I gave up too early. *sigh* I should be required to follow my forecast, whether I have given up on it or not. That’s the second time this year….

The early morning gradient today stood at .08 with clouds piled up just west of the hatchery. Super strong gradient that’s not, but just wait… Morning westerlies hold in the 17-21 range this morning in the chilly corridor. By miday, we’ll see 23-26 from the Hatchery out to Doug’s. As the desert warms this afternoon, 26-30 is the call from Doug’s out to Maryhill.

Tomorrow is going to be another windy day in the gorge, with heavy clouds and cold air settled in Portland, sunshine baking the desert, and high pressure parked off the Oregon coast. We’ll start off tomorrow with 23-26 in the corridor and see a quick build into the 27-31 range.

It’s looking like the windy streak will continue Monday, with another round of solid mid to upper twenties wind.

If you’re looking for a non-windsport activity today, check out the White Salmon half marathon. This is a free, off-road event. The start is at Everybody’s brewing at 8am. If you missed it, check out the Dirty Fingers Ladyfinger bike ride. Meet at 10 Speed West Coffee Shop at 8:30am for coffee. Ride starts at 9am. If you missed that, you can help with the weed n’ feed at the Hood River Waterfront Park from 9 til noon.

If you haven’t been down to the HR Waterfront Park, affectionately known as the “nude park” even though it’s clothing-required (because everyone calls it the newpark, which happens to sound suspiciously like “nude park”), you should go down and check it out . Ann Frodel and her co-conspirators have done a marvelous job of creating a marvelous park. Take the time to donate some time to a good cause: weeding the fabulous park. If you show up with some food for the food bank (the “feed” half of this event), you’re an even better person and will get more good karma.

Boaters, your numbers: The Hood’s at 3.9 feet, the White Salmon’s at 2.8 feet and the Little White’s at 400 cfs.

Whatever you do today have an awesome time!