9/15 forecast

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 September 15, 2011

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Now that the kids are back in school, the nights are cooling off, and the tourists are starting to leave the Gorge, it’s time to think skiing and snowboarding. Meadows passes are now on sale for the you-don’t-need-three-friends price of $499. Included in that price is the new Stadium Express lift (use your imagination and giggle when you realize the only possible abbreviation for that lift), eliminating the need for you to use the cattle crossing to Star (snowboarders, cheer loudly). The new lift gets you over to Star, HRM and Heather (it tops out at the same spot as Heather) without waiting in the MHX line. At this point, we’re looking at a weak La Nina or a neutral year, meaning average (450”) or better (max=830”) snowfall. I’ll do the statistical analysis and get back to you. Buy your season pass now!

I just want to say a quick thank you to Portland this morning. They’re going to be stuck under the marine clouds yet again today, while the Gorge sees strong west wind. We’ll have 24-27 this morning east of the clouds, as far east as Arlington, and then this afternoon, we’ll have 28-32 from the cloud line to Arlington, with gusty 17-19 under the clouds. Strongest wind today should be from Rowena to Maryhill, mid-afternoon.

The wind backs off tomorrow as low pressure hangs off the coast. We’ll have westerlies around 10mph early, picking up to 17-19 from Stevenson to Mosier in the afternoon.

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The latest model runs for this weekend are showing pretty much zero wind, and there’s also showing a good chance of rain. I don’t think we’ll see more than a few sprinkles on Saturday, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tenth of an inch of rain on Sunday. That’s great news for the 850 firefighters on Mt. Hood and the 720 firefighters near Goldendale. The mountain bikers are also going to be happy to hear about the rain, because it’s getting pretty dusty on most of the trails.

And for you skiers out there who are wondering, no, it’s not going to be cold enough for snow anywhere but the top of Mt. Hood this weekend, but Colorado has 2-6” in the forecast above 9000’ today. Ski season is coming. Do you have your pass?

Have an awesome day today!


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