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 September 27, 2009

First off, thanks to everyone who helped out at yesterday’s Hatchery work party, despite the tempting west winds!

Those westerlies disappear today, and east winds take over again. High pressure over the desert combines with a heat low along the coast for 23-26 in Stevenson and at Rooster Rock today. Midday looks best, with morning winds suffering from blanketing high pressure and evening winds suffering from an approaching front.

That front hits the Northwest tomorrow around midday or so, bringing another round of west winds to the Gorge. Fall fronts tend to give us gusty, unreliable wind in the Gorge. So, catch the gusty early 24-28 session in the corridor, and then wait for the evening session at Avery and Arlington. The late sesh should be in the 24-28 range also, but there’s a chance of stronger wind if everything lines up right.

A second, more powerful front hits the Gorge on Tuesday, for another round of westerlies. This front is looking cold and rainy, and the accompanying wind is looking like gusty low twenties out at Arlington and Threemile.

I can’t say it’s looking epic, but I do suggest you get what wind you can. Autumn is here, and ski season is just around the corner!

Before you give up on windsurfing and kiting, consider heading to the coast today. It’s looking like 20 knots or so, with a 10 foot swell at 13 seconds. Yesterday was super windy and over mast high, so today should have awesome waves too. I should probably mention that a shark bumped a surfer at Newport yesterday…

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  1. Waveguru |

    Hey again Temira. You were saying no soaring next week? It’s not just a yes, there will be good soaring, it’s going to be a hell yes kind of soaring week. We started out with a bang, with one or our guys going to 17,400ft over Mt Hood yesterday! The Jet Stream is returning to it’s southerly position for winter and as it goes by, we get very high. We get more air than anybody in the Gorge! If anybody out there likes hang time, they should go up with me, we get hundreds of feet of hang. I love weightlessness…

    I would love to have that little extra space next to the wind forecast up on the top right on your site for a Soaring forecast link…