9/26 Winter storm warning forecast

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 September 26, 2009

First off, if you’re a windsurfer or a kiter, you should be at the Hatchery this morning to help CGWA with their annual hatch work party. Da Kine has kicked down a bunch of swag, so you’ve got double the reason to help out.

Second, on behalf of everyone in HR without 4WD, I’d thank you to everyone who took the time to vote yes on the gas tax. It passed yesterday by the slim margin of three votes. Yes, your vote did make a difference, and yes, there will be snowplows and streetsweepers in Hood River this winter!

Plus, it’s going to be windy at the Hatchery. The early gradient was at .14, and the North Pacific High is rocking the coast. This is an ideal setup, so we’ll see 26-30 today (with a slight chance of 30-33), pretty much all day long. Best wind will be in the Corridor, but Stevenson, Rowena and Mosier should be just fine later today.

If you’d prefer east winds (and don’t we all), you’ll get your chance tomorrow. High pressure slips eastward, and east winds blow all day Sunday. At this point, 26-30 seems like a safe call for tomorrow’s east winds.

Winds switch direction yet again on Monday, with another round of westerlies.

Now, if you really want something fun to do today, head to the coast, anywhere on the coast, for 25-plus knots with a 6 foot NW swell. 6 feet doesn’t sound like much, but this is 6 feet at 16 seconds. It’s going to be amazing.

For you mountain bikers, today is the Dirty Fingers campout at Lewis River. Come out for the party tonight, and ride the Boundary Trail tomorrow. It’s an epic 20 mile ride, and well worth the trip.

Today at the Hood River Armory is Fight Gone Bad, a Crossfit charity workout. It’s worth stopping by just to spectate.

It’s worth mentioning that NOAA is predicting snow down to pass levels by the middle of next week, so shake the summer cobwebs out of your head and start thinking powder!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!