8/18 forecast

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 August 18, 2009

It’s still glass central here in the Gorge, where fishing and wakeboarding and waterskiing and model plane flying and paragliding and standup paddleing are at the top of the outdoor fun list today.

Models are disagreeing over this afternoon. One says light west wind and one says light east wind. I’m splitting the difference and going with very light winds all day long today. At the very best, we’ll see 10-15 westerlies late this evening, but don’t count on it.

Tomorrow brings stronger east winds as the thermal through stays west and high pressure shifts east. I’m thinking we’ll see 17-21 mile per hour easterlies, maybe a bit better.

It’s looking like west winds will return on Thursday, but the timing is a little problematic. An upper low sends a marine push our way, but it might not happen until late afternoon on Thursday. If it’s too late, it’ll blow all night and we’ll have plenty of west wind on Friday.

The coastal forecast still looks good for the next couple of days. It’s 20-25 in the north and 25-30 at the central coast today. Tomorrow looks like 10-15 in the north and 15-20 on the central coast. Both days have a 7 foot swell rolling in.

There’s not a lot going on the next two days, or at least I haven’t heard from you about your event. If you’ve got a sporty happening (or outdoor screening of a cheesy 80’s movie, or a bigfoot festival) you want mentioned, drop me an email.