8/17 Forecast

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 August 17, 2009

Sixteen out of sixteen (or so) isn’t a bad windy streak for August, so you’re probably ready to give your arms a break, right? If not, get your ski boat on the water (or call the beautiful and feisty Cathy Carter, strongman Scotty Freeman, handsome Dr. Krishna, the super-nice and always smiling Dan “Red” Bubb or anyone else with a boat), because we’re looking at glassy perfection for a couple of days.

The thermal trough works to get established over western Oregon and Washington, setting up very light gorge gradients today. With high temperatures pretty much equal on the east and west sides, there’s not going to be much breeze today. At best, we’ll see east winds in the 10-15 range down at Stevenson this afternoon (and I really wouldn’t advise waiting around hoping that happens)

Tuesday looks lighter as hotter air settles in. At this point, it looks like we’ll see slightly stronger easterlies on Wednesday.

A better call for wind the next few days is the coast. The webcams showed a flat ocean this morning, as the predicted swell takes its time getting here. Even so, NOAA still says 4 feet today at 7 seconds.

The forecast is for 15-20 in the north today with 20-25 at the central coast. Tomorrow looks windier, with 20-25 in the north and 25-30 at Florence. A fresh 7-foot Northwest swell should roll in tomorrow, for a perfect combo of wind and waves.

In other news, tonight, as on every Monday night, there’s free tai chi at six at Wilson Park in Hood River. And if you’re looking for a workout, take your bike out for a spin. Light wind makes for great biking!