7/9 Forecast

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 July 9, 2010

Good morning!

The forecast this week is brought to you by the fine people who repair your windsurfing sails overnight at 13 Oak Street in Hood River (that’s the Gorge Surf Shop building). Drop off your clean, dry, broken, busted up sail by 5pm, and it’ll be ready for you by 9am the following morning. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s a great service. You will never again miss a day due to a hole in your sail. =) Give Olaf a call at 806-3117 (HR area code) if you have any questions, or to arrange to drop off your sail.

It’s going to be sweltering hot in the Gorge today, but studies show that if you think about cold things, you’re actually going to feel cooler. So, here’s something for you to think about: NOAA says La Nina is on its way, and that means next ski season will be a powder season! To read the update, head here: http://bit.ly/bFCLnj

Despite the blistering, sweltering, mind-numbing heat, heat-gun west winds return today as the thermal trough shifts east. Light wind this morning gives way to19-23 this afternoon. The wind will start in Stevenson and slowly make its way down to Hood River. To beat your friends on the water, head west to Stevenson. If you’re an Event Site user, remember that the Event Site is closed Saturday and Sunday. However, KB4C reserved it today too, and they’re going to keep it open to all users, so you don’t have to pay today. Instead, consider making a donation at KB4C.org.

Coming up tomorrow we’ll have more west wind. The day kicks off with dawn patrol in the upper teens or low twenties, building to the 23-26 range, maybe stronger, maybe even a lot stronger, by midday, filling in all the way from Stevenson to Arlington. Sunday looks similar to Saturday.

There’s a party to benefit KB4C, featuring Tony Smiley, at the British Pub tonight starting at 8:30. Coming up tomorrow, the EpicSessions / Shadowbox Jumpoff Party happens at the Waucoma club. Come watch video of Hood River’s best windsurfers going as big as they can. That starts at 9. Also tomorrow, Monsters Inc. plays in Cascade Locks on the big screen, outdoors. The King Salmon road bike race is on in White Salmon (so Dock Grade will be closed during the race). On Sunday, there’s Kiteboarding for Cancer and Standup for Cancer, the Disco shop ride, and Gorge Barefoot Boogie at Cascade Acupuncture Center. Too many events… too much fun!

Finally coed touch rugby starts in Parkdale next Monday. You can register through Hood River community ed (or maybe just crash it?)…

Finally, everyone keep Mike Jacoby in your thoughts. He crashed his bike in Post Canyon yesterday (haven’t we all), and was found unconscious on the trail with a broken jaw. After being lifeflighted to Portland, he was placed in ICU, and as of 11pm last night, was still unconscious The doctors say there are encouraging signs. However, his family asks that we not call or visit until he’s out of the ICU. Mike is on Facebook, so feel free to head to his public profile here: http://bit.ly/c5oUra and send him a message.

Have an awesome day today, and think good thoughts for Mike. We love you, Jacoby!


p.s. If this forecast improves your life, saves you gas money, or you’d just like to support this website, please consider making a donation below. For a suggested donation of $10, I’ll add you to the email forecast list, where you can win cool prizes from the weekly sponsors. This week we’re giving away two sail repair gift certificates. Get in on it!


  1. Ross |

    Temira, great forecasts! we’e coming down from Canada for some outrigger downinders all next week, so turn up the wind!
    watch for us (stevenson to drano) aloha!

  2. Temira |

    Hi Steve, It’s in the old River City building at the corner of 2nd and Cascade.

  3. Steve |

    I’m new in town–where’s the Waucoma Club? Thanks for the great forecasts!