7/4 Forecast

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 July 4, 2010

Good morning and happy Fourth of July to everyone!

This week’s report is brought to you by 2nd Wind Sports at 210 Oak in Hood River. 2nd Wind isn’t just a used gear shop anymore. They’ve got everything, and you know variety is the spice of life. Along with having everything you might need to play in the Gorge, 2nd Wind has super knowledgable staff to help you pick the best gear – and they’re only going to sell you the right gear for your ability level. Swing by and say hello to the 2nd Wind crew today!

Next, I’d like to say thanks to Dean Wayne, muchoviento@gmail.com for the following email sent last night at 9:24pm (Dean didn’t actually sign his name, but forgot that you can get anyone’s name if you have their email address) “Tamira,I’ve put up with your radio spots because Bart has quit and for now there is no other alternative. But today at the hatch I found your card on my window and this was the last straw… how much money did you ‘invest’ in those, it is not exactly a ‘green’ thing to do! and who would pay $10 for something they could get free in a couple of clicks. When do you sail anyway, you are like fat ol’ has-been Bingen Bart, never seen…
But yesterday was the worse, you failed to remind us of The Ultronz at the Double Mountain and I forgot and ended up at that stupid 2nd wind party watching this piss-poor video with a horrible sound track that was played at distortion level. Needless to say I left in 15 mins.
Maybe you should just concentrate on what you went to school for, you definitely ain’t cool…………… you suck!”

Thank you Dean, for the wonderful, constructive feedback. Dean, if you would like to meet me at Double Mountain, I’d be happy to buy you a beer because I forgot to let you know the Ultronz were playing. And p.s., my name is spelled “Temira.” =)

Anyway, on to the forecast.

This is a 9:30 update. After 5am, clouds pushed into Hood River, and the gradient took a jump to .15. Strongest wind this morning will be from Mosier to Maryhill, at 26-30. Winds will fill back to the Hatch in the 26-30 range later, and die at Maryhill, dropping to 23-26. The original forecast follows:

This is turning into a great long weekend of windsurfing and kiting. West winds were already blowing in the teens at 5am, and with the early gradient at .07 from Portland to The Dalles, and the cloud line at Hood River, it’s going to be another good day on the water. Morning winds will be in the 17-20 range from Viento down to Doug’s. By afternoon , we’ll see 22-25 at the Hatchery, Doug’s and Rowena, with a little less wind at the Viento, the Sandbar, and Lyle.

Westerlies continue on Monday, with another round of upper teen dawn patrol from Stevenson down to Hood River, with a chance of stronger wind until mid-morning. Get the wind early tomorrow, because high pressure is going to build quickly in the afternoon, causing the wind to drop and get gusty. By Tuesday morning, we’ll see easterlies through the Gorge with highs near 90.

If you’d like some waves with your wind, it’s blowing from Florence down now, and is going to keep blowing through Thursday, with 20-25 knots or more starting Monday, and 7 to 9 foot waves. Wavesailing sounds like a great way to beat the heat!

Boaters, the White Salmon’s just below 3 feet and the Klickitat’s at 1590 cfs.

Finally, the Maryhill festival of speed finishes up today, with street luge and downhill skateboarding by some of the world’s finest athletes on the world’s finest pavement, the Maryhill loop road.

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


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  1. Windpig |

    Temira, don’t le the cranks get you down. We love the reports and information you put into your site. Keep up the good work an see ya on the water.

  2. steve |

    The world is full of jerks and a**holes. If you give them too much attention they just keep it up. Your time is too precious to waste on them.

  3. Jamin |

    Just file mucho viento Dean’s email under “arrogant bastard”. But thanks for sharing – it’s an all time classic flamer that had everyone at the wall laughing.

    I don’t think you need to broadcast every cultural event going on in town. Rediviva does a pretty good job of that. Concentrate on the outdoor activities and perhaps mention the occasional big event happening. Thanks again for the forecasts – definitely worth the $10 / year for me.


  4. swellbrenda |


    thanks for getting up at such ungodly hours to keep us informed. We all appreciate your work.

    Suggestion for an alternative to the flyers on the cars; how about one sheet of info taped to the porta potties at the sailing sites. Eventually everyone will go there and if they don’t get the “memo” then don’t buy their used wetsuits.

  5. Jon S |

    We love your reports and website! Keep up the great work.

  6. Hood River Weather |

    Temira, you’re the best local wind and recreation forecaster in the Gorge, and greatly appreciated. You’re not only cool, you’re hot!

    P.S. If I ever send you an email when I’ve had too much to drink, please ignore and delete it. 🙂

  7. dayl |

    Thank you Temira!! Love the forcasts. See you on the water, maybe the lower this week.

  8. highball |

    I’m sure Deano have some regrets after he passed out at 9:50 from too much Milwaukies Best Ice Light. As far as criticizing one for lack of coolness…hmm. wow, dude. Sounds like someone’s stuck in 1986 but not in an ironic way.

    Keep pluggin’ Temira, and stay positive. You are the spice of Hood River and the Gorge in my opinion.