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 June 11, 2011

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Good morning,

The west wind continues today with a deep marine layer west of Hood River. Even though the wind is quite light this morning, we’ll see 21-23 by midday from Hood River to Mosier, picking up to 25-28 at Doug’s and Maryhill this afternoon, and filling in at Stevenson in the upper teens. If you’re at the Event Site today, join in on the Gorge Cup race, with the skippers meeting at 10am. Also at 10am is a meet and greet and breakfast with Jimmy Lewis at Windance.

Tomorrow looks windy too, as desert heating combats low pressure off the coast, for westerlies in the 17-20 range. Monday looks windy too, and Tuesday looks like the next big west wind day.

In mountain bike world, today and tomorrow is the Dog River Enduro, so pick another trail to ride this weekend, or come on up and cheer on our local riders. Also, coming up Monday, Kreps’ land – that means Hospital Hill – is off limits until the 24th while the Kreps move the cattle off the land. They are generous enough to let us use their land the rest of the year, so please respect their wishes and stay off their land for twelve days, starting Monday. Remember, 8 Mile is now open, so you can ride there instead. Or… the dirt in Post is in perfect shape, so ride there, and don’t forget about the work party next Saturday.

In somewhat outdoor-related news, but not really related, but free and valuable, so it gets in the forecast… if you live in the Gorge, you can get a free home energy audit and/or a free solar assessment on your home by filling out the application at: http://www.weatherizeoregonnow.com/apply

Finally, I’d like to thank Timberline (well, Bill B. to be exact) for the lift ticket yesterday. For those of you who haven’t been skiing lately, there’s still a ton of snow and excellent skiing up there, so don’t forget about the mountain just because the dirt is good and the wind is blowing. Seriously. It’s worth going up to check out how much snow is on Palmer. At some spots, it’s actually deeper than the lift towers are tall. Crazy.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Trish & Moe |

    Awesome Adam Lapierre action photo in The Hood River news toady ( at least the online edition). Temira, you soar!!