5/7 Forecast

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 May 7, 2012

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Good morning,

It looks like a beautiful, sunny day today, with the temperature approaching 80 degrees. If you can sneak out of work, it’s going to be a great day to ride bikes, with light wind in the central Gorge and east wind at 17-20 near Stevenson.

For the wind forecast the next few days, we’ll see increasing west wind. As a weak system pushes in tomorrow, west wind goes from 17-20 in the morning near Hood River, picking up to 26-30 from Stevenson all the way out to Arlington in the afternoon. One thing I should point out is that, when we see a setup like this, we often see 90 minutes of good wind near Hood River before it becomes very gusty. At that point, the strongest, steadiest wind will shift to Stevenson and Arlington.

On Tuesday night into Wednesday early morning, the wind goes crazy in the central Gorge, hitting the 28-32 range just east of whereever the cloudline ends up. Models this morning are suggesting high pressure building in during the day, meaning the wind will slowly back off and become gusty, so get it early if you can. Light west wind continues Thursday morning before fading Thursday afternoon.

In events, there’s not much going on until Wednesday, but there’s a lot going on Wednesday evening. The Kayak Shed’s shop paddle is at 5:30, either paddling the Lower White Salmon, at 4.75 feet, or the Hood River, at approximately 5.8 feet. Also Wednesday, there’s sailboat racing at the Hood River Marina, with races starting at 6:30pm. With the strong wind in the forecast, that could be great spectating.

After that, at 7:30, Richard Hallman presents a slideshow of Oregon surf at Dog River at 7:30. Also on Wednesday evening at 7pm, the planning commission has a meeting discussing Barrett Park at 601 state.

Have an awesome day today!


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