4/30 Forecast… hope you’re not too sore yet…

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 April 30, 2010

Good morning!

I just received some information at 9:40am that The Dalles wastewater plant is exceeding E. Coli levels in their discharge and will be posting “Do not enter the water” signs downstream of The Dalles. So, I suggest staying out of the water at Doug’s, Rowena, Lyle and Mosier for now… Yuck… Update @8:30pm: it is recommended that you stay out of the Columbia between Dallesport and Lyle, so Rowena and Doug’s are off-limits this weekend.

The ski report this morning has more snow for Timberline, where it’s 23 degrees with 2” of new overnight. Meadows reopens tomorrow, and they’ve had 12” or so this week, so the skiing should be quite good.

If you’re a kiter or windsurfer, you’re stoked today. Westerlies continue, and with less clouds blanketing the Great Columbia Ditch this morning, and gradients at .13 and .10 the strongest, steadiest wind will be from Hood River to Maryhill, likely best at Doug’s, maybe the Hatchery. Expect 24-27 by mid morning, holding til evening, at the Hatchery, Mosier and Doug’s, with a little less at the Sandbar and Lyle, and gusty teens under the clouds at Stevenson.

If you’re heading to the Hatchery, there’s one lane open on 14, so you won’t need to do the White Salmon detour dance.

Westerlies continue tomorrow, but a passing warm front will make it gusty. 10-15 in the morning builds to gusty 22-25 in the afternoon, from Hood River out to Arlington, with a chance of rain. Expect steadier westerlies, in the Corridor, on Sunday.

If you’re a mountain biker, I have great news: The trail that shall not be named or described is open, and I’d like to say thanks to Marc, Steve, Wayne, and all the others who put in the hard labor to get that trail up and running again. I’d also like to say thanks to SDS for working with CAMBA to let us rebuild this trail on their land. I’m so excited that all I can say is… Whoopee!!! Dog River is also open, but there’s race practice today and the Fluidride Enduro all weekend, so wait ‘til Monday for that trail.

Boaters, the Hood’s at 4.2 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4.1 feet, and the Little White’s at 727 cfs.

Have an awesome day today!