2/26 Forecast

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 February 26, 2010

Good morning!

The forecast has been on powder vacation the last couple of days, with the call of the mountain stronger than the call of the forecast. Can you really blame me? =)

First off, as of right now, it is snowing at Meadows, despite the dire forecast of 6000 foot snow levels. It’s rain mixed with snow at the bottom of the HRM access road, but that’s irrelevant if you’re skiing higher on the mountain. I can’t tell you how glad I am that it’s not raining up there. I was dreading saying rain, but more importantly, I was dreading rain falling on all our nice new snow. I’m guessing it’s raining at Skibowl (but the nachos are still great) and snowing at T-line.

Snow levels are supposed to drop to 4000 feet today, and temperatures have been falling since 2am. So, it’s looking like we’re going to sneak by with snow for this system. It looks like we’ll see 6-12″ by tomorrow morning, so tomorrow should be an excellent day of skiing. Sunday looks sunny, so whatever your preference, you’ll have a good day on the hill this weekend.

In mountain biking land, everything is a sloppy mess. On top of that, we’ve been asked to not ride at Columbia Hills State Park. I know many of you are saying, “Where?” at this point… It was open to the CAMBA public (in a stealthy, quiet way), but now it is closed until further notice. Please do not ride there until it’s officially open, or we’ll lose this new year-round trail before it’s even open. Arthur thanks you.

There’s not really any wind for the next couple of days, but glassy conditions on the coast should make for great surfing.

Finally, attached is a photo of my friend and fellow snowphone reporter David’s missing snowboard. This is a custom board, and has his photo on the bottom. If you see the board, please take it away from the person who has it and call the police. Or call the police and then take it away. Either way, get the board back. It has sentimental value, and David is offering a reward.

Have an awesome day today!