2/25 Forecast

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 February 25, 2011

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Good morning!

Oh. My. God. You thought this past week was good? Read this forecast (and ignore the wind part).

Today looks clear and frigid. Winds start of NE 15-20, buidling to NE 15-25mph by 1pm and building to NE 25-30mph, maybe stronger, by 7pm. No precip.

Tomorrow starts off clear and cold with NE wind at 25-35. Winds go to N 20-30 midday, swinging around to NW 25-30 by about 1pm, bringing some clouds to the sky. We’ll see snow start by 1am, for 2-3” overnight. the snow level will be at the surface.

Sunday looks snowy and windy, possibly problematically windy. Winds will be WNW 35-40 early, building to WSW 45-50 by 10am, going to WSW 50-60 by 1pm, building more to WSW 60 by 4pm. Dumping snow returns on Sunday morning, with total precip of 1.25-1.5” with the snow level around 1500’-2000’ for 12-18” of new.

Think that sounds like a lot of snow? Nope. The snow level holds around 2000’ on Monday, when we’ll see 1.5-2” of water value for 18-26” of new snow. No, seriously. Winds are going to be an issue. We’ll start off with WSW 50-60, dropping to WSW 45-55 by 1pm.

Everybody smile for little Skibowl and Cooper Spur. Cooper Spur opens at noon today and will be open all weekend.

We’ll see a ton more snow on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, we’ll see a brief period of warming, with temperatures rising to near freezing at 5000’. Cross your fingers.

Want to go windsurfing or kiting in the desert in big wind? Sunday afternoon and next Wednesday are your days.


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