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 February 10, 2010

Good morning!

I want each and every one of you to get down on your knees and start praying to your favorite gods, or get up and dance to your god, if that’s your thing, because I need a little help with the snow levels over the next few days.

Snow levels look fine today for a few inches of snow. Tomorrow, though, they look questionable. If snow falls on the mountain tomorrow, it’s going to be heavy, but at least it will be snow. 50/50 is my call at this point. I think by tomorrow night, it will be all snow, all the time, meaning Thursday night skiing might be the best call this week.

A little more snow falls on Friday, and with colder temps, that should be good snow. I think it will be a decent day at T-line and Meadows on Friday. Saturday does not look good at this point, with rising snow levels and a good chance of rain. I need all of you to do your sacrifices and dances and prayers for Saturday. Please.

If nothing else, do you dance for Skibowl, because they are going to get hammered with rain during this system. Poor Skibowl. They have such fun terrain and so little snow. We might have to make a pilgrimage just for the nachos, if this lack of snow at low elevations continues.

In the mountain biking world, you have Syncline, Hospital Hill and Columbia Hills available and rideable right now. Get them today, because the rain over the next few days will ruin the riding for a bit. Mitchell from Dirty Fingers told me last night that he has more riding to tell about, but I didn’t get the details. Today…

Don’t forget that Ranger Jimmy T presents an avalanche awareness clinic at Dog River tomorrow night. 7pm. Free class. Beer is not free, but can be purchased there.

In the wind world, speed sailors get there chance at the coast on Thursday and Friday, with high winds blasting through during the daylight hours. Gorge winds will blow Thursday night, but that doesn’t help the crazy winter windsurfers and kiters much at all.

I almost forgot… Meadows is doing speed dating on Blue on Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a cute idea, so if you’re single and need a ski buddy of the opposite sex (I think they should have a same-sex line too, but I’m not in charge), head up there!

That’s about it in the recreation world for today. Pray for snow!



  1. Buster |

    so which lift line would you be standing in Temira? 🙂

    • Temira |

      Ah, that’s classified information, I’m afraid. But I’ll be checking out the party at the bottom of Blue, that’s for sure, and maybe riding the lift to find some new ski buddies, at the very least. =) -T