2/8 Forecast

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 February 8, 2010

Good morning!

Once again, it’s been all’s quiet on the weather front around here. It looks like we’re in for a change towards the end of the week, thankfully.

It’s biking weather through Wednesday, with temperatures near 50 in the valley and only a slight chance of rain each day. Or you can head to the mountain for sunshine the next couple of days.

If you prefer powder to sunshine, you’ll have some on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as the jet stream takes aim at the PNW. It’s hard to make a good call this far out, but right now I’m picking Friday as the best powder day. But Thursday night could be really good as well. We might even get some wind on the slopes with this storm cycle… I’m so tired of skiing Mt. Hood with no wind. I feel like I’m someplace else this season!

In mountain bike world, if you’re a member of CAMBA, you have Columbia Hills State Park as another mountain biking option now. Well, you have for 6 years, but Arthur is really pushing it now. Ask him for a map… or I think Mitchell at Dirty Fingers may have a few maps too. The trail is rough – but it will get better if more people ride it – and the scenery is beautiful.

Later this week, Jimmy T and the USFS present a free avalanche awareness clinic at Dog River Coffee. That’s Thursday at 7pm. Even if you don’t ski the BC, this is a not-to-be-missed clinic. All your friends will be there, so you should go too.

And about the wind… not much in sight for the next couple of days.

Have a great day today!