7/1 Forecast

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 July 1, 2011

I hope you guys are ready, because summer is finally here with 80 degree weather and sunshine in the forecast. Yes, that’s right. Almost no clouds on the satellite image. Even those poor saps in the big city (I mean Portland, and yeah, I know, it’s not really a big city, and thank goodness for that) will see a nearly cloud-free sky today.

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But before the wind forecast, I have to let you know that Post is f-bombingly good right now. Seven Streams is tacky, the 140 was a bit muddy yesterday, Mitchell was a bit slick (the ridge, not the bike mechanic), and so today should be perfect. If ever there was a day to ride Post, this is it. And… there was probably enough rain up on the 44 road to make those trails good too, so GO RIDE YOUR MOUNTAIN BIKE.

And one more not-so-positive thing. Guys, this forecast is free. I’ve been getting a fair number of emails from y’all asking me for yet more information so you can plan your trips. I really do appreciate your trust in me. However, I don’t really have the time to answer all of these emails. I have a job besides this, and everything I can give you is here. Plus, the people emailing me aren’t subscribers to the daily email, meaning they’ve never made a donation to support what I’m doing here. If you find the forecast useful enough that you’re planning your play days and vacations around it, please take the time to make a small donation… think of it as thanking me for saving you some $3.50-$4.00/gallon gas.

And thank you for reading this day after day. =)

We won’t see much wind at all in the Gorge today, but the westerlies return tomorrow. We’ll see a very light start tomorrow morning, with wakeboarding conditions on the river, but then sometime between 2 and 5, the wind will pick up into the upper teens in Stevenson, filling in through the rest of the Gorge a couple of hours later. If you want it, I suggest you wait for it at Stevenson. That’s how these frontal approaches work.

As a weak system pushes in Saturday night, clouds move into the western gorge and the west wind returns. We’ll see dawn patrol, with 22-25 just east of the cloud line, probably at the Hatchery, but possibly at Mosier. The wind will pick up in the afternoon, getting up to 24-27 from Hood River east to Maryhill.

Hot weather returns on Monday and Tuesday, shutting off the wind, but the coast will be blowing 20-25 or more with a 7 foot swell both days, so you still have an option for wind sports.

In events news, today is First Friday in Hood River, it’s the first day of the Rainbow Gathering at Skookum Meadows, there’s music in the park in White Salmon, it’s the grand reopening party for the Hood River Library, and it’s the tandem bike ride leaving 10 Speed at 5:30. There aren’t many events tomorrow, other than the continuing festival of peace, love, and happiness out at Skookum Meadows, and oh yeah, the super-rad Maryhill Festival of Speed (google it), but there’s a swap meet at Windance on Sunday morning if you can drag yourself away from the wind. Oh wait, I almost forgot about Dan Gavere’s awesome garage sale tomorrow morning, starting at 8am, with all sorts of awesome outdoor gear, including standup paddles and kayaks. 1704 Orchard Road.

Have an awesome day today!


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