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 November 9, 2010

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This week’s forecast is brought to you by Pacific Standard Time, bringing darkness to you every evening until the second Sunday in March. Now that it’s dark after work, it’s time to get up early (like me) and get your workout in early (like I say I will but usually don’t). You have limited choices in the Gorge Gym this time of year. Unless you own a $600 bike light system, you’re going to be spending some serious time on the stairs, running the lighted streets, or making up silly workouts at the high school track. If you’re bored of training alone and desperate for an entertaining workout, call me. I am too! (I’m Temira, and I approved this message)

Good morning!

At the request of a friend of mine, I am reminding all of you that Meadows has extended the season pass purchase deadline to Wednesday due to “issues”. That’s their word, not mine, but it gave me a chuckle. We all have issues, but apparently businesses can have them too now. I think that must be a side effect of the Citizens United decision. Anyway, my point is that you have until Wednesday to pick up a Meadows pass (no group of four required). Mt. Hood Meadows… where snow substitutes for daylight during PST.

(best Mt. Hood Meadows/Skibowl/T-Line/Cooper Spur slogan emailed to me before the pass purchase deadline gets a tray of brownies)

In other non-commercial news, it’s wet out there. If you’d like to find some drier precipitation, think about heading to the mountains tomorrow for sunshine and fresh tracks. 3” of cold snow fell yesterday, and we’ll see another 8-12” by tomorrow morning. If you are headed up, be prepared for poor coverage in sun-exposed areas. This is not going to be a repeat of the incredible hiking conditions we saw with the first storm this season, but there will be fresh tracks.

The wind report is unexciting. Gusty easterlies this morning accompany the arrival of an upper level low, but the wind won’t last long. There’s no other wind in the Gorge for the next couple of days.

If you’d like to go boating, the White Salmon is at a fun 2.5ft. The Hood is a little low at 3.6ft, but is predicted to come up to 4.4 feet tomorrow after tonight’s rain. The Klickitat is back into the fun-to-run range at 916 cfs. Don’t forget that Wednesday night is Kayak Polo at the Hood River pool. $8, 8-930pm, followed by drinks and dinner somewhere.

Finally, coming up this weekend there are a couple of work parties in Post Canyon. CGORA is working on the #160 trail, and mountain bikers are working at Family Man and GP. Both parties start at 9am. If you ride the trails, you beat up the trails, so please consider giving back with a few hours of work on Saturday.

Have an awesome day today!


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