11/2 Mt. Hood snow forecast and Gorge events

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 November 2, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

It looks like the Nothing has arrived, bringing low clouds to the Gorge (or fog if you’re in the clouds). It’s a little better up on the mountain, where there are breaks in a high cloud deck, but sadly, the sunny day I thought we’d get isn’t going to happen today. On a brighter note, there is a fresh trace of snow on Mt. Hood, a start for the winter’s snowpack.

If you want to play outside today, it should be pretty dry, at least until 5pm. Tomorrow morning brings light sprinkles, enough to wet your gore-tex, but not wet enough to drench you. Sunday looks dry, as does Monday morning.

For those of you looking for wind for windsurfing or kiting, you’ll have to look in Baja or Maui, because it’s not going to be windy here in the Gorge the next few days. There are a lot of events going on, so you’ll have lots to do this weekend.

First off, the Hood River Area Trail Stewards have a mountain bike movie premiere at the Pint Shack tomorrow night. The movie will be great, but this is more about building community than watching a show or drinking a cold one. 6:30pm. Come get your trail stoke on!

Or if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of trail work parties this weekend. The big Post Canyon work party is next Saturday, the 10th, but until then, you can dig at these events: Hood River County has a motorized trail work party tomorrow, meeting at Binn’s Hill Staging Area at 9am. Help the County get in-kind dollars for their grants. This is really important. If you can be there, please do. Also tomorrow, there’s a work party on the White Salmon Bike Park from 9-noon. Then on Sunday, the Girls Who Love Dirt have a work party from 10-2, meeting a Family Man. And… WTA has a work party Saturday on Syncline, 9-noon. Yeah. Lots of work parties.

In snow news, the news isn’t exactly pretty. The week or two of winter has gone to Baja with the snowbirds, and we’re back to spring on Mt. Hood. The freezing level today is 8000′, but it will drop to 7000′ around 2pm. Rain starts around 5pm, with .4-.5” falling by Saturday morning. Wind today will be SW 15, dropping to SSW 10 in the afternoon and picking up to SW 25-30 overnight.

Saturday morning starts off with the snow level at 9000′, with a trace of rain in the morning. Rain starts up again around 8pm, with another .1” or so by Sunday morning, when we’ll have picked up an hour from changing the clocks. Wind on Saturday will be SW 20-25.

Sunday looks dry, but the snow level, starting at 10,000′, rises to >12,000′. Wind will be WSW 15-20 early, going to W 15 midday and WNW 20-25 in the afternoon.

Warm weather continues through Tuesday. By Friday, low pressure from Alaska makes its way to the Oregon coast, bringing colder, wet weather with the snow level at or below the passes. The long-term, not very reliable models suggest a return to dry weather next weekend.

Have an awesome day today!