11/17 forecast

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 November 17, 2009

Good morning!

Last night was a crazy one out on the coast, with winds gusts peaking around 90 mph. That, by the way, is too windy for windsurfing or kiting. It looks like today will bring another round of strong southerly winds. I’m curious if the speed sailing crew was out there yesterday or if they’re out there today.

Speaking of windsurfing and kiting, it is blowing in the 20’s out in the desert right now. However, gradients are only 6,6,23, not really enough to sustain anything over 18-23 or so. Also, I think gradients won’t increase today, and will probably decline. So, expect 17-22 out in the desert today, and expect it to be gusty.

I think we’ll see similar windspeeds out in the desert tomorrow.

For more exciting wind, head to the coastal flatwater sites tomorrow for storm condtions.

As for snow, it’s snowing at Meadows. Groomers report 2” already up top, with heavy snow falling. It’s pretty windy up there right now, but winds should decrease later. There’s no rain in sight this week in the mountains. Just more snow.

Don’t forget that this Saturday is the Hood River Snow Show at the Hood River Inn. Doors open at 5:30, and $5 gets you in. We’re having a raffle for cool stuff including skis, a snowboard and a Meadows season pass. The party is family friendly, so bring your whole crew. We will have beer and wine for mom, dad, and the 21+ sibs.

Have a great day today!